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olivia Oct 2017
Did you forget all of me was inside you?
I only used your holes for my spare parts
At first-until each ounce I extracted
Now, looking in the mirror asking-who?
I think I lost myself inside of you
I can't retrieve now that you've retracted
You've broken me with your breach of contract
I used to see color, now only blue.
Love or life, I wonder which is the greater loss?
Is ownership a prerequisite of grief?
If so, my pain I am not entitled.
Although relieved I am of albatross
I'm now racked with curs'd thoughts of that thief
Alone, sans my resource for survival.
written in the perspective of Blanche Dubois, "A Streetcar Named Desire"
arubybluebird Aug 2015
Listening to Arcade Fire’s Milk and Honey, I am slowly drowning in a sea of memories and melancholic images of things I’ve always wanted but will probably never have. My body soaked in bubbling foam, lying on the border of wet and dry sand, softly being kissed by a morning suns warmth after having been brought back to shore by the same waves that dragged me out
AD Mullin Sep 2014
Look who's found who

Look who stole you from your rest ...
And in believing, we cheated death

September's fall is warm and crisp,
on the road and on the path
I could make you an empath.

Introducing empathy.

What do you owe me and I owe you,
Or do we own it all collectively?
I'm not a healer
Let's forget about the stealers
I thus am nearing apogee.
Have to write this poem for you.
And me ...

Introducing all that blooms into our home.
While the tribal does a dance of revival
And we're harvesting (what's sown).

When I see you
through the windows open wide,
A watched *** never boils.
But 7 kettles resonates.
We all go away some times,
But your picture's in my mind
so when I'm many metres away
Even then, I cannot stray
I go and climb the tallest tree.
I sit and wait for you and me.

Introducing empathy
Introducing empathy
Introducing ... you and me
The Rheostatics, because they bring all their equipment on the bus.

This is a cover of Introducing Happiness by the Rheostatics. It's inspired by Celestial Reflections, a Garet Hawley poem (
AD Mullin Sep 2014
Built on the Berkley model
Paid for with mothers essential oils
...a bitumen

And a flower blooms from Medicine Rock
Like a ballerina

As the Old Man weeps joyfully
Listening to Arcade Fire : 7 kettles

— The End —