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NeroameeAlucard Mar 2017
If i could sing,
I'd exhaust my lungs
To sing you a song that would heal
All the wounds left by that someone
Who didn't know what they had until it was gone
I'd do all i could to repair your fragile heart, bruised and battered by the cold winds of life
I'd strum a melody that brought your mind back together into a place only consisting of peace
Where happiness and wonders never ceased.
Because a song of healing, is something that we all need to hear.
NeroameeAlucard Oct 2016
Oh there's plenty of things
That are wrong with me
I desire to do better
To make my flaws new strengths
To not flop at the first sign of changing weather

I've got some screws in my head loose
And an attention span shorter than the kickback on a black tre deuce
Looks wise I'm about as appealing as a dead spruce
And that's just my looks, not my personality which is *******

I swear I'm too nice for my own good. And my head moves faster than the gap in my face
I've got a **** memory, even if I've known you for years I'd still forget your face


I'm flawed and cracked like a Thursday night  in a love shack
And I'm trying to find strength that sometimes isn't there
I get so frustrated with myself I wanna pull out my short hair...

But through all this, I'm still standing and I know one day I'll get there.
NeroameeAlucard Jan 2016
The brightest days
Are after the heaviest rains
The greatest pleasures
Are after the greatest pains

The funniest laughs
Follow the most passionate tears
True moments of courage
Follow the deepest fears

Life's funny, you know?
When it's dark and suddenly good comes to the light
One thing that I'm proud to show
Is that I made it through the wilderness, and I'm feeling all right
NeroameeAlucard Oct 2015
I think I'm like a mega man fan in 2012
I'm unable to sleep correctly
Fiercely debating what I need to do in my life daily
Lately, I've been restless even though I know I'm blessed it's
A monkey a can't kick off my back

Has anybody else been here?
Slapped in the face consistently by fear?
of not knowing where you're supposed to go
or where your river of life shall flow?

Second guessing can be a blessing
steppin back to consider the lessons
life teaches you on the way
To where you're supposed to be going
it's better than where you've been, I can guarantee.

restlessness is a persistent imp.
following me like a pulp fiction style gimp
so stop following me,
I'm done with thee
NeroameeAlucard Oct 2015
I'm a spineless puppet
A foolish doll that everybody seems fit to play with
I'm too scared to say what I feel it's
Annoying when I don't want to do something
And everybody keeps shoving thoughts ideas and opinions down my throat
Like I'm a **** hungry ******* what the flying ****
I'm not a sellout so stop forcing yourselves into my head

Please, let me grow myself a spine... Before my individuality is dead
NeroameeAlucard Sep 2015
I'm the proud Owner of a lonely heart
It's not for sale I'm afraid
Because I mistakenly tore it apart.
Over thinking and over planning
Cracked it like an egg.

I'm the owner of a sad mind
Worn and tried from life's ceaseless grind
I don't know where to go
And if I leave what I'll find.

I'm uninspired my mind has dried up
My tears have cried up
I want to snap this streak
Of anything I write not meeting ny harsh critique

But I guess it's better than being the owner of a broken heart...

— The End —