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Sally A Bayan Apr 2017
Grapefruit tree blooms lush
Its proud fragrance dominates
Stirs white...

Redolence wakens.....
Mind and nostrils, side by side
Inspire and create...

'neath Sunday's twilight
Branches mate....shadows connect,

Curved silhouettes form
An arabesque....of shapes
And my own dance steps...

Night impregnates mind,
Scents, trees, starry nights..are turned
To runes..........some, with tunes.

(A cluster of haikus)


Copyright April 2, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
...early morning haikus from March 26th, 2017
K Balachandran Mar 2016
At it's ecstatic heights,  life is
a splendid display of ballet moves.
I watch you fly high precariously,
stopping a  beat of my enamored heart
with  an astounding move speaking beauty
and dexterously land statuesque,
in a graceful  arabesque stance.
Defying gravity with amazing ease
you create beauty none ever dreamed,
so kaleidoscopic, appreciating it means
touching the eternal with one's being
in a fleeting moment, get transported.
For that, one needs a mind as sharp as
razor's edge and constantly pirouetting
360 degrees embracing  you at the
speed of light, before you turn to a
lightening flash,of different wavelength,
all over again and begin the next cycle.
Arabesque is a ballet position, in which the dancer stands on one leg(the supporting leg) with the other leg(working leg)turned out and extended behind the body, with both legs held stright
Sally A Bayan Dec 2014
(10W X 2)

Y o u ' r e
A name...a face,
L e T t E r S
An enigma???
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My  lullaby
~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
~ ~

I ' m
A r a b e s q u e.


Copyright 2014
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
***these two sets, after coffee and a cookie...***

— The End —