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Ottar Apr 2016

Going out on run, in the full Sun
Helmet on my head, both hands on my... Rifle,

If you said "gun", drop and give your weapon 10 of your best pushups.
If this ain't fun, call you mom, call your dad, at mile ten they can pick you up.


Sound off ...
one,...  two,...  three,...  four,..  one,two,... three,four

I'll keep running when my legs turn to jelly
I'll finish this run, crawling on my belly

How far?
All the way!

You gonna quit??
No Way! Not today!!

Sound off ...
one,...  two,...  three,...  four,..  one,two,... three,four

one mile down nine to go!
just warming up on the road.


Don't let your rifle hit the ground,
When you need it most it might let you down.

Hold your rifle above your head
Yes sir, but I'd rather be dreaming in my bed

Sound off ...
one,...  two,...  three,...  four,..  one,two,... three,four


Are we there yet?
Closer than we were, you bet!
And this would go on intermittently during "forced marches", a forced march was usually at double time, or a some kind of run shuffle or run pace, often with helmet, rifle and web belt and all the accessories. This version, I cleaned and did a remix of a couple of cadence songs. Similar to a sea chanty because there was always an echo part for the troops/soldiers.
Militaries all over the world are renowned for their cadence songs, some units went to great lengths and much pride was put into these as boosting morale and the camaraderie was often the primary goal, that what ever you were going through you were not alone.
Ottar Apr 2015
there is good in all,
woman and man to a fault,
(the only bad came the result of a fall from grace)
being a woman does
not disqualify you from
a man's work,
men take note,
say with me by rote,
'I must stop being a ****."

take my love to the next level
measure it against the bevel of the Platonic
lust is a bust, then there is love, gimme agape
every time after a time,
and after a while you might under-
stand beauty...real beauty...really understand,
take as much time as you need,
you need this understand the sublime.
The beauty of equality. My attempt, poemeleon...may take some practice, where was Plato when I needed him

— The End —