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Tyler Soth Dec 2017
I stand in a meadow, apart from civilization
Only thoughts in my mind, my creation
They begin to buzz like bees with the wind,
Where one thought begins the other ends,
I find myself here more often than not,
For it is a safe place for my mind to roam,
Among the flowers in the meadow, my mind is at peace,
For my anxieties and stresses begin to decrease,
While this time it may seem calm, a quiet sensation,
A storm is brewing on the horizon, giving me an inclination,
Am I equipped to weather this storm?
Am I strong enough in my current form?
I turn to the wind and let my mind wonder once more,
For the storm is in my head, I created it from nothing,
I stand firm in my current place, waiting for the storm to arrive,
I brace,
Letting my feelings and emotions run free,
For these thoughts they do not rule me,
Letting them go, letting them roam, this will set me free,
The storm has passed, I survived,
A lesson is to be learned, for I did not die,
The mind is a strong and beautiful thing,
So much happiness it can bring,
Always believe in your thoughts, don't be afraid to let them roam,
For when it is time they will come home,
In your head you can take fear,
Whether it be far, or be it near,
You can cast it out, never to return
I am the captain of my darkness, the king of my mind,
I might lose control from time to time,
But in the end my thoughts are mine,
These thoughts they shape me, they make me whole,
I am at peace, these thoughts have taught me, self-control.
Poetic T Mar 2017
vestiges linger in static waters,
                       ascending its reach further.
Saheed and sadya Dec 2016
Tiny euphoria, relax like the world is made of all the good things. And how I wish to bottle the moment of his,and  when he realizes that not everything is made of twinkling lights and all his favorite things, I'll grab him and hold him closer, protect his heart from all his heartaches. But for now I revel in the thought of the moment when he was blanketed with tiny euphoria.
Anna Claxwell May 2015
Heart beats violently
Eyes start blurring
Pace is pulsing
Mind is racing
Tears are pouring

— The End —