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aphotic blue May 2017
A girl I met was very lovely,
The way she dressed is like a midst of the galaxy.
Her eyes shines to me so perfectly,
But we didn’t know she hides her true personality.

Suddenly, she talked to me anonymously,
She asked me If I want to be her friend temporarily,
So I answered her a yes directly,
we talk comfortably, she believes to me proudly.

Suddenly, moment passed and she told me about her anxiety,
I was so shocked and I don’t know how to react normally,
Despite of her ability, to act ambiguity
I was so impressed of her avidity
She thinks without problem and lives gracefully.

That girl became part of my life shortly,
But, I was so thankful to God I met her like destiny,
Despite of her story and beyond belief history,
I really idolized her for not giving up so easily.
In my eerie little life
The buildings coated with graffiti
I saw the art in a new light
Because of someone interesting

A girl not much older than myself
Was arrested for an illegal mural
A painting of books upon a shelf
She signed to be seen by all

It wasn't hard for the police
To find the perpetrator
Her name in cursive for all to see
The name of this young decorator

I found her three days later
Painting again upon a fence
I asked why would she put her
Name for police then to trace?

She smiled broadly at me
And answered rather honestly
Because she simply refuses to be
"Living life anonymously."

— The End —