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Tom Richard Nov 2018
Society just takes a wall
Puts it in front of the oppressed
Puts up an ad to make us drool
the other sides a moral test

When we peak we are disgusted
But we make no change
Yet, the myths been busted
There's no humane free range

Slits and cracks shine light through sheds
Onto cages of thick blood floor
Upon looking there's chicken heads
But someone's locked the door

Living in silence of the death
Is something done so easily
A chicken takes it's last breath
Look away cos you get queasy

There's no right way to say this
Cos people just don't listen
Start to take the ******* ****
When I start talking bout their chicken

I want to tell them facts and numbers
But they just shut off my voice
Sitting in their fixed mind bunkers
Treating the truth as white noise

I wish it would all just disappear
The senseless murders of these beings
Especially when it' so plain to hear
the scream these aisles are bringing

People eat it no matter the cost
If it's life or 50p more
They don't think bout what was lost
They see meat and eat it as if by law
Gonna be doing more poems like this so follow me if you want to see more
Possum living Oct 2018
I am sorry for what we have done to you
I mourn the loss of your short lives, nullified for our barbaric arrogance and gluttony
Your children taken to meet the same fate as you
Your bodies eviscerated, never knowing the hand of compassion or a ray of sunshine

There are no merciful abattoirs

No red barn with it's open doors, and no motherly blue sky

There is only brutal indifference

Mechanized slaughter

The lies we tell our children and ourselves will breed this hell on earth into our legacy
And we who see ourselves distinct from beasts prove with our actions otherwise

This is not food

This is war on the sanctity of being
This is not a fanatical demand for universal vegetarianism. It is just a poem decrying the modern industrial practices of factory farming and the way the animals suffer in this system.
Claire Hanratty Aug 2017
I could hear the echo of a ****** closing in, but from which direction
I could not for the life of me tell.
The caws and cries soothed my soul
And my eyes were closed,
So that I could immerse myself in a Yorkshire breeze
That gently brushed itself past the timeless trees.

With my wake came the crows
-Of which restored my sanity-
And each wingbeat brought yet another colour to the dusky sky,
As if time were something that could be carried.
A magpie,
A reminder of home,
Perched itself upon a fallen post and rattled furiously at how temporarily tranquil
I had become.

Then a charming mist made its way across the valley
But this only enhanced the clarity of my current surroundings.
The clouds in front of me began to wisp and merge like cigarette smoke against an ever-dimming lightbulb-
That reminds me,
I still need to get that fixed.

I noticed that my neighbours were cows,
Which I saw as a treat and a rarity,
Not in any way as a delicacy to be consumed and exploited for the good of humankind-
I digress.
Not the cows that I see everyday at, say, sixth form or in
Human form.
No, the cows that I usually see in packs
On supermarket shelves;
On butchers' racks
Before the people that behold them with hungry, selfish eyes.

As I gazed in this melancholy daze I knew that I would begin to miss the sight of those unsuspecting beasts from the minute I got back to where I was from-
To where I was born to live,
Unlike those in the fields that are
Born to die.
So then I swore to myself that I would never again
Look outside.
afteryourimbaud Jun 2017
Can't you see
that the fish was gasping for air?

For the sake of your lust,
wanting to have a triumphant end
to such a meaningless contest
you lure it from its world.

How could you inflicted that
on such innocent, lovely soul?
How could you treated its life
as if it is unworthy at all?
How could you even sleep
when you have wounded another soul?

Dead or alive,
you have no right
to irresponsibly acted in that way.

Ignorance, arrogance.

No regret, no guilt.

Yes, because you are all murderers!
Erika Soerensen Nov 2015
It baffles me how
Many who preach
Pro-life choose
To eat a ham sandwich
For lunch,
Or buy a "pet"
From a *******,
Thus taking a
Life from the shelter.

Then there are those sad clowns
Who think it's funny to say
"Yum, bacon!" when you expose the
Torture and bloodshed
Of some poor animal
Produced for food.

And, we mustn't forget
The good ol’ “humane" farmers
Who raise trusting animals
From birth only to
Hang them up, slit their throats, and
Slowly bleed them out to

How can we be so disconnected?
How do we not see the
Magic in every fetus?
The wondrous exchange of
Seed to soil - just as humans -
Creating a precious being
Who also deserves a life
Of liberty and justice?

Whether two legs or four,
Wings or extremities,
Fur or skin, fins or scales,
How can we not see their
Inherent worth?

Such dire disconnect!

We were created the same
Dear human and non-human
Animal friends, out of
Magic and dreams.
We both hunger and thirst,
Bleed and seek shelter, cry out
In pain, shiver in the cold,
Fear, and fight for survival.

We all begin by breathing in Life,
And we shall all leave this earth with
How is that not proof of our connectedness?
LycanTheThrope Jul 2015
It's not a Walt Disney thing
They don't just pick off the sick an dying ones
They are perfectly capable of taking down a full, healthy adult.
Wolves were designed by thousands of years of evolution
They were bred and raised to ****
Not for sport, but for survival.
They don't **** needlessly
It may be intimidating
Seeing the blood on their face
Their glowing eyes staring back
But if you're going to tell me that
Wolves are man-eaters
Blood-thirsty killers
Why don't you take a look around
Most animals go corrupt because of humans.
We take their land
Take their young
**** off their pack-mates
We even trap them
For pets, or zoos
Whatever reason we want.
I don't know about you
But if someone took my home
My kids
Killed my family and friends,
And then cornered me
I'd fight back with every ounce of strength I had.
I don't know what they're gonna do to me
But I'd assume they'd do what they did to the others
I'd fight for my life

They're killers,
*But wolves have to make a living too
Just a little rant, don't tell me animals are killers, because you will get smacked

© Copywrite Lycan
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
If animals could talk, what would they say?

I bet that they'd ask us to go away

To leave them be to live in peace

Stop destroying homes and killing trees

If animals could speak, what would they voice?

Would they cry about how they don't have a choice?

About how man takes whatever they need

But animals are innocent, and know no greed

If animals could sing, what tunes would they use?

Would they sing loudly about their abuse?

About how we keep them in spaces too tight

Until they end up on our plates every night

If animals could cry, I know that they would

They'd shout out their words, and keep their ground stood

But animals can't voice the things they want to say

So they just live out their poor lives our way
I like animals way more than most people.

— The End —