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L Aug 2018
What is one plus one.

Well in one case its a child.

One plus another is an angry first.

Two plus one?

Or is it jealousy? Has the story changed?
And now i am lost. Was it one plus one, one plus two, or one plus three?

Two minus one is just sad. Three minus two is straight up depressing. Four minus three would be unbearable.

One plus one can sometimes equal one. When it doesnt equal two.

Two plus one sometimes equals one and also two. Or three. Hopefully not one and one and one. Wait, wasnt there one more? One and one and two? Or one and two and one. Certainly not two and one and one, now that would be ridiculous.

Where am i again? Am i lost? Have i lost myself? Have i lost my way?

One and one can be love or ****. And its nearly impossible to tell the difference. Especially being in the midst of it.

So when adding another variable to the equation, the dimension of the solution is intangible. What is right, what is wrong.

Here i am questioning morals again like some kind of modern day philosopher.

"The ratio of questions to answers in my life is not ideal."
Life is all about balance. And that is one of the hardest things to learn. Cause it takes control. Which is also hard to learn. Then you need knowledge and wisdom to know when to use this control and to what extent. Some people have called me a deep thinker.

JL8 #78 - quote
L Aug 2018
Ive been writing poetry all night long
Every day
Every waking moment
Which has come to me quite often recently.
I lay awake for no other reason seemingly
But to just be awake
And then i write.
"Might as well"
And maybe it keeps me up
And so i write more
I figure i
'might as well'

Maybe theres a lot of that going on in my life right now.
Maybe its not a good thing
But then again
It  ̶(̶i̶s̶?̶)̶
Its all about confidence, baby.
-ocean alley
L Aug 2018
Ah, to be a little frog.

Allow me to hide amongst 'your' belongings.

Under the cushions of your swing set, upon your screen door, mayhaps even in your outside rainboots.

You may shoo me away at once, if you must. I will be back.

Ah, to be a little frog.

I think i shall hop away now.


Until next time.
Observances and thoughts.
Jeremy Duff Apr 2014
I came to you at night,
in my dreams,
but I awoke with cold feet
and an ache in my heart.

In my mind I brought you carnations and you brought me

— The End —