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Ovi-Odiete Jul 2016
And all will be, will be
The earth
The Land
The Sea; the Sea
The Waves,
The Tides
The Wind; the Wind
The Years, the months
The Days; the Days

And all will be, will be
His works,
His fate, his fate
And all his wealth
And all the beauty
Garnered with sweat
Will fade, like days

And all will be, will be
The Stars,
The Sun,
The Moon; the Moon
And all the clouds
Will fade: will fade
And Man will die
Someday, someday
And then he turns to dust; to dust

Ovi Odiete © 2016
I was inspired by the Musician Enya's song THE HUMMING
Which begins like this
And all the light will be will be
And all the future prophecies

— The End —