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Golda, do you remember the broken bridge of oak?
Lying o’er the river of the east; the broken bridge of oak
Golda, do you remember that Autumn sunset of red?
That sunset, I rested on that cold bed of ambers and red.
The sun was the brightest red of all light
The river kept flowing its gracious paths

From here, I saw your strands of red, fluttering with this zephyr; there
From here, I saw your nimble feet tapping grace, onto my heart; there
From here, I saw your vivid smile widening mine as this azure sky; there

As my cornet, that night, breathes the song of a thousand nights.
Your feet, that night, taps to my heart, a joy of a thousand sights.
As I dipped my feet onto this great river of the east,
I heard your feet lapping this great river of the east
As our feet were lapping this great river of the east.
I felt your fingers on my heart and… mine on yours.

This blue day, forty-five autumns and rains have come and gone by
From here, I see your strands of red, hidden in an ebony box; there
From here, I see your nimble feet, hidden in an ebony box; there
From here, I see your vivid smile, hidden in an ebony box; there
Golda, As you lay peacefully in that ebony box, alone, in that bed,
I shall lay like you lay, calm, on this hot stove of ambers and red
Till I meet you on the other side of our – broken bridge of oak.
This is another one of my works. I hope you enjoy this.
Reza Sedghi Apr 2019
Life got Meaning, seeing those Black Ambers
those mind blowing, blind revealing Gems
feeling deep inside caused by your dignified manner
started this Journey, was Warned by Friends

You were the Road and I was the Traveler
I was the Boat and you were the Sea
this path, this journey made me an Ambler
Rambler, a Poor Gambler, Gambling over thee
Your eyes speaks to me

and If I Were to lose this Game, Sure I would lose it all
but if it's for You, It's beautiful even if i have to fall
and If i'm Down to one last breath, down to one last word
It'll be your Name and I'll make sure to be heard

Your Eyes makes this gaunt man Fancies
doubting over illusion and reality that he Sees
Leaving me in a Road that Leads to infinite black Seas
but the serenity in Your eyes, is all that I seek

There are Ups and there are Downs in every Path
and darling we are no exception
remember the Beautiful, Colorful days that we've had
now the path is filled with deception

Pity its not serendipity, pity its not serenity
but soon the light shines and we'll have amenity to Eternity
and we'll have our good days and we'll be back together
and I'll do anything to make it up, even if it takes Forever

whatever you want, whatever you need
wherever you've gone, wherever you seek
is all right here, between you and me
shåi Jun 2014
one match.
one infatuation

this lit match
was contained
in a jar
in the innermost parts
of my heart

i protected it with
all i had
i trusted you

which was quite sad.

one day
you broke
this fragile jar

that's when it began.

hot sizzling ambers
glow red
as the morning sun

burning intensely
giving off an odorless smoke

my heart
has been now set ablaze for you

its veins produce
a scorching red
that burns at the thought of you

it does not
only hold liquids
but it holds angst

since you left me
in this fiery blaze

amidst the bright flames
at the bottom
lies coal

this black ashy substance
fueling the ****** agony

from the time
you betrayed me.
when deceit seemed
to only be on your tongue of fire
when you said
our love was like an everlasting cigarette
but instead you gently blew out the light
what a lie.

the blaze rages on
destroying the memories
of what used to be

it regains strength
it heals the soil
gives light to the new

it releases
exorbitant amounts
of catharsis
i feel it

the fire
will never die
with the unfortunate truth
that you were never mine

but the only thing that will be remembered
is how much i had tried

suggestions welcome ! taken from the forthcoming release called way

— The End —