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Always keep fighting is what you say
You help me realize it's going to be okay.
You have a way with words, how could I ever repay?
I love you dearly, it's as clear as day,
You help me wipe my tears away.
Thank you for lighting up my world, which is no longer grey.
I want you to know that you're in my heart, and in my heart you'll stay.
I love Jared Padalecki. I want him to know how much he's done for me and for other people. He's amazing and I hope he always keeps fighting.
P F Rutledge May 2016
Sometimes you just have to deal
With things as they happen,
No matter how terrifying.
Despite the constant fear.
Facing the horror and resisting the fate.
Nightmares come even when awake.
Sleep is reality and reality is fake.
So put up a finger and say "F" it all.
Laugh at all those who look appalled
Brush your shoulders off.
Rub dirt into the wound.
Nothing can hurt you unless you allow it to.
Face your demon and kick its ***.
Send it back from which it came.
Shout to the world that you will never be tame.
Deal with what happens with a strong will.
Bow to no one and bend for naught.
Because when the end comes at least you can say you fought.
Everyone has a time in their lives when they can choose to stop or keep going. Hopefully this will help them decide to keep fighting and keep moving forward. You are never alone, just keep your chin up, because we are here for you.

— The End —