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a present day under my armpits –
oh, what a singularity it is not

aluminum ****** out of mother's milk is a spice
from day
     to day
          becomes bread
Cameron Alix Mar 2019
Faith is a golden coil
That fits so greatly in the binding
Of texts that
Dictate a non-universal
Faith is a silver coil
That wraps around you nicely
When times are hard and
Faith is a copper coil,
Cheap, commonly used and
Slithers, a bronze snaking cloud
Seeping quickly into
Permeable minds
Faith is an aluminum coil,
The easy way out.
Steals from your conscious
What can be found in
Faith is essential
Needed to man
And to man armies
Unable to feel soft,
Cotton-ball faith

Cameron Bell, Copyright © 2019
Feedback, please! I'm trying to develop my own style and eventually want to independently publish my own book. I think that humans have an innate need for a sense of deity; it's a neural pattern that has circulated throughout civilizations and we all still grapple with it individually.
sunprincess Jun 2018
Recycle, recycle, recycle
Don't be a dumb dumb
Recycle your glass, paper,
plastic, and aluminum

— The End —