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Chris Saitta Jan 21
Keep your trees, keep them for your heaven of ashen dusk
And night like the pale-faced deathmask of emperors,
No reason that the commoner to oblivion is hushed,
These old-wise woods and leaves, peopled without us.

Keep Macedonian dust lightly conquered over the breeze,
So that it shoots its tail like the centuries-sole comet,
The scorched earth left by Alexander’s mapmaker eyes,
Swung wide like his Sarissophoroi over Persian might.

Remember the lesser grove of his teacher Aristotle’s tribe,
They have only slipped their sandals off, to bare themselves
Of sound and the concourse of the foot’s impulse,
Caught the lithesome wind, to flow outside our hearing,
And muse as empire of air and loss and forgotten walks.

Keep your trees and the darkening sky through them
That remind me of the passing into the past.
Never is the poem from tongue of ***** or plow.
Sarissophoroi were Macedonian light cavalry under Alexander, so named for the pikes they carried (sarissa).

Aristotle taught Alexander until his mid-teens.
lia Mar 2019
I could never love you,
the way people think I can
I love you in many ways,
complex ways, simple ways, hard ways
but never the way people think I can.
I love you as much as the universe loves her stars,
I love you as much as the rain hitting your bare skin.
but never in the way people think I can.
They think I can only love someone
lightly, softly, friendly, platonically
I love you as Alexander the Great loved Hephaestion.
Secretly, deeply, intensely.
This was originally supposed to be a haiku, now, i think it's a free verse but, to my knowledge i can't remember the correct term.
This poem is about a love that is secret and of the same gender, that is all I will explaok

— The End —