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1:00am in the morning dark
I take breath of vapor
And a swig from a jar


I’m trying to escape
But the glass is slippery
It’s an upward incline
Almost straight but curved just so
Like a smirk as I tumble just bellow


The liquids like fire
It Burns
But I like it
A crutch like so many before
But an item
Not a person
So much more dependable.
A item cannot leave you
You must loose it
Or leave it yourself


Looking at an almost empty bottle
I cry out
No tears come
But ripples crack the surface as I shake
I used to cry
But misery scared
Left tears behind.


Pain claws through vocal chords
To strained to speak
I will not cry
I will not wail
Speaking scares people away
brings pain. The loss in broken rings.
As the sun rises peaking behind
Tinted mountains
I smile
Red ribbons tie a mask.
I am optimistic
I am happy
I will be what is needed
I will never again lose someone from sadness
I Am Happy

— The End —