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Juliana Apr 3
Violently hurtling
toward consciousness,
a forced perception
of reality.
Emily Mitchell Mar 2018
Cold wet nose bumps mine
Kitten paws prance on my chest
Purring alarm clock...
I love my kitty,  he is a good alarm clock.
Pauline Morris Apr 2016
Laying here in this lonely bed
Wishing you was here instead
I'd snuggled up so warm and tight
Fingers tracing over your body so light
All the way down to that sacred sweet spot
A slight touch there can make you rise, make you hot
I tease and I play
Never going all the way
You roll me over, pen me down
Each breast you kiss all the way around
You tease you play
You never go all the way
Back and fourth we play and tease
So poetic, with so much ease
Between my hips I find your head
Ummm I just combust, flood the bed

Sadly waking to the alarm of the day
Wish I could of slept till the ALL THE WAY
Frank Ruland Aug 2014
Alarm clock, I
abhor you!
I tell you to wake me up,
and you wake me up.
A real friend would
let me sleep;
would let me be!
When you go off
I set you to snooze,
but when I get back up
I'm fifteen minutes late for work.
You should've told me
I didn't have the time!
Isn't that your job?
The other night
during the lightning storm
you must've gone off.
Because the next morning there was
no alarm on your behalf!
I know:
I was supposed to reset you, right?
And when you went off
awhile back on the morning of
my hangover I
ripped you from the wall and
threw you across the room.
Your body buckled
your screen shattered
and now the radio just rambles static.
You're too fragile!
To hell with you,
alarm clock--
you can't do anything right.

— The End —