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Brent Kincaid Apr 2018
I’m drowning in your holy water
Though you got it from the tap.
I’d pray about it, but why bother?
I’d be just another kind of sap.
I’ve heard your words for a lifetime
And they still don’t make much sense.
They seem to support your lifestyle,
Earn you enough to pay your rents.

I’ve read your documentation through
And I’m not buying the whole deal.
It may sound good to people like you
But, I am convinced it is not real.
You take the words of millennia ago
And interpret them far too liberally.
You brag about caveman miracles
And quote from them too literally.

Then changes happened the time
That Yeshua guy hit the world stage
And things switched from god, to
The 'worship of a human being' age.
That’s a reversion back in time
To when we knew so little about
What lightning was and also how
Babies got started and came out.

Now, twenty one hundred years
After our Anno became Domini,
People are still bending down
To kiss a ring that means naught to me.
I have no trouble having reverence for
People who act like a holy spirit
But rockstar status for preachers?
I want nothing more to do with it.

As long as the poor and weak starve
Churches don’t need my wherewithal.
As long as the downtrodden suffer
True abomination is a huge cathedral.
I know this will offend some of you
Who find gods in the clouds comforting;
Believe slick tent preachers and priests
Deserving of mansions and gold  trappings.
SøułSurvivør Feb 2016
There once was a man
Who lived a "good" life
He worked through all trials
Temptation and strife

He lived very humbly
Never wished to be rich
Was good to his neighbours
Nothing bad passed his lips

He said, " God look at me!
I am worthy of praise!
I am without sin
But not by your grace...

For I am an atheist
And I don't need Christ
Humans provide
All their own good advice."

Then there was another
Who, quote, "lived for God"
But he looked upon sinners
as though they were odd...

He said, " God, I thank thee
That I'm not like them
For I walk uprightly
No, I do not sin...

And when I get to heaven
The praise shall be loud!
I'll walk right in
And I'll be so proud!"

Then there was a woman
Who'd give her last dime
That she could use drugs
And drink her sweet wine

But she cried, " Lord!
Please have mercy on me!
For I am so wretched!
So unworthy of thee!

I'm not all that clean
And I shout at folks
I drink and do drugs
And God help me, I smoke!

But, Lord, I am trying!
I want so much to change!
Please come into my heart
And my life rearrange..."

Then came the time
When all of them died
And the woman in heaven
Saw the men with such pride

In eternal torment
They cried out, "Lord!
We kept all your precepts
And sin we abhorred!

Why is that woman
Up there with you?
She so unfaithful
And she so untrue!

But Jesus said sadly,
"Yes, you were "good".
You had that advantage
Yet misunderstood.

I did not want works.
That's not what I bid.
You gave not your hearts,
But this woman DID

I was always there knocking
But death cut like a knife
I gave you your chance...


(c) 6/14/2009
This poem may not be very popular
To some people here.
But I must state what I believe.
The only way to righteousness
Is through the shed blood
of the Lord Jesus Christ!
Nobody is good enough to go to heaven.
There is sin in one and all including me.
But Jesus paid the price for my sins
Upon the cross at Calvary.
God will no longer hold me accountable for them. That does not mean I can sin.
It simply means that I AM COVERED.
Now the process of sanctification
Is occurring in me. I'm not perfect
By any means. But I have changed drastically. I am no longer the same person I was before.

The time is short. There are people
Who need to read this.
Please understand
I'm coming from a place of love!
The God I serve is great and merciful!
He just wants you to open the door...


♡ Catherine

SøułSurvivør Jan 2016
d o   you kno w  e ver yth  i ng  ?

ha ve  y  ou   c ons ider ed

th a t   GOD
m ay be  o ne  of th e  t h ings
y u  

**D O  NO T   KN  O    W  ???
maybe something to consider.
you may be able to put the pieces together

I'm going to be off site a while

Going to my sanctuary... the front porch.
I greet everyone going to church.
Brent Kincaid Jan 2016
I worry for a creature
One that calls itself wise
That needs to believe
Some ancient pack of lies
About timeless people,
Gods that can never die,
Though they are preposterous,
They fail to ask why.

I worry for a people who
In an age that conquers disease
Where we can educate ourselves
To do almost whatever we please;
Can turn night into the day
And speak across the many miles
Still chant their superstitious tales
About magic arts all the while.

It seems they are trained monkeys
Who push buttons for rewards
When spiritual independence
Could be their permanent award.
They thank the wrong saviors
For pulling us out of the slime
That has punished our people
Back since ancient times.

It was not ritual witchery
That gave our people freedom.
Instead it was seeing clearly,
Analysis, research and wisdom.
No blathering high priestess
With winged dragons to fight
Brought us medical cures, or
Radio and electric light.
Brent Kincaid Sep 2015
The man stood on a box
In the middle of the park,
When people walked by
The old boy would bark
“It’s in the Bible,” he cried.
And some people would ask
What is in the Bible, sir?”
Prepared to take him to task.

“Everything’s in there, friend!”
He answered with a smile
Feeling the people there
Would stay and listen a while.
“Well, that’s an easy answer!”
One of the onlookers said.
“You have left nothing out!”
The orator nodded his head.

“The Bible has answers for you
To any question you can say.
It will be your salvation, sir
No waiting until Judgment Day.
It tells you what to eat and then
Tells you how to choose a wife.
It tells you how to go to heaven
When you reach the end of life.”

The questioner replied, “Yes, sir,
And it tells of women made of salt,
And a fellow who walked on water
Another brought the sun to a halt.
It tells of a boat quite big enough
To have two each of every animal.
And people floating up to the sky.
Don’t you find these things incredible?”

“Not all,” the soapbox man said,
“God can do any holy thing at all.
He has made the planets, the sky,
The heavens and the waterfalls.
God knows everything and he is
Who speaks to you in your heart.”
The onlooker shook his head, said
“So, when does that stuff start?”

“What stuff, sir?” the orator asked.
“The part where God speaks to me.
I haven’t heard a word from God
And I have been listening, you see.
That would be a truly wondrous thing
For this God person to finally do.
But, if God speaks to all of us
Why the hell do we need you?

— The End —