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JJRKelly Apr 2018
I'm partial to my Black Queen.
Been partial ever since the time
When she added her stars
To the universe of my mind,
Shined light on places I never seen
About myself, good and bad.
She's an African American dream.
Confident, fiery, loving, sweet.

Hair; dark brown,
Thick, strong, curly, long, full.
Body; dark skinned,
Thick, strong, curvy, soft full,
Fierce, strong, gentle.

With knowledge and growing wisdom
Her brown eyes pierce me deep.
I gasp for breath when
I'm diving through her deep.
The double entendres
In the words I speak
Only by my Queen.
Spoken only in the ears
Of my Queen.
I wrap her in my words
And twist her around the syllables
That generate in my mind
When she's swimmin in my mental.
And now
Transcribing her visual
Has become a pastime
And for my Queen
I'm always partial with the
greatest of all commodities.

— The End —