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José Sep 2018
Haven't been feeling anything lately,
my girlfriend has been worried about my safety.
I haven’t care, I’m sorry about that.
I have been happy for a while and now it all falling apart. I thought I would be happy but nothing could get me to smile. I’m just venting here because I don’t have anyone and my girlfriend think I’m sleeping. I don’t know how to come to her and tell her how much I think of dying.
Tmr I’m about to smoke three blunts for the first time. So basically this will help me with my thoughts
Danielle L Cook Jul 2016

my favorite poems are the ones I don't want you to read,
about more than blind love, they're about the suffering.
a contradiction, they're the ones I want you to read,
because they're filled with the words
I don't even have the courage to breath.
another thing, I want you to read this one too,
but I know I wont show it for then you'd know the truth.
I guess I'm lucky that you don't have an interest in my poetry.. yeah, so lucky..

Edit: people keep liking this poem and it literally ***** to me lol this is not one of my favorite poems, as the title may suggest.
This is just a bit of humor I found
Myriah Apr 2015
I'm too shy
To tell you
How I feel
So I'll hide behind
Timid smiles and
Soft hellos
I'm afraid
If I ask you
"what do you think
Of me?
Your reply will be .

— The End —