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Brent Kincaid Oct 2017
It’s a **** good thing
I didn’t have a rich dad.
I would probably have
Had more woes than I had.
I would have missed
Opportunities to learn
And how many ends of
A candle one can burn.

I might have bought
My way out of mistakes
And would have skipped wisdom
One gets from bad breaks.
I might have gotten out of
Some lessons one needs
And given myself over
To haughtiness and greed.

A rich dad might have relished
Values that shouldn’t be taught
Like cheating and swindling
And the fun of not being caught.
I might have learned lying
About who and what I am.
Maybe how to look good outside
While inside being a total sham.

I might have learned to be
Like the in-crowd and flaunt;
Revere the rich and the famous
And deride those in want.
I had my troubles as it was
And managed to ***** up enough.
I rose above my shortcomings
Possibly because life was rough.

— The End —