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anna macleod Mar 2016
and i swear
in that moment
we were the only two people
in existence

and i’ve been
meaning to say it
for awhile now

cause i see
that you’re getting so…

our conversations
hold no value
and the distance between
is like a chasm

we used to have something
and like a flower,
it bloomed and withered away…
to nothing

and there’s this ache,
this pain…
and i try to ignore it
but i can’t
cause the memories
just won’t fade away

and the longer we go
without talking anymore,
the chasm will grow

and then we will be
so distant
so far away

but we’re already distant,
already so far away

and i don’t know
if it will ever be the same

cause when something
cuts you deep,
the pain goes away,
but the scar remains.
it's a cold rainy day as i sit here writing poetry, listening to weezer :)
anna macleod Mar 2016
as i breathe in the wicked cold air
it caresses my forsaken lungs
and makes me realize how truly mortal we are

its enough to make me sick
the air we breathe
the things we see
and its so hard
to just sit here
and not have the ability
to do anything

and its such a paradox
because its so beautiful

the air rushes through my body
sending a shiver down my spine
and i freeze
just like the bitter snow
on the ground

but i see
as the seasons change
and the wicked cold goes away
splendor and joy replace the bitterness
and pain

and it is in my mind
that the same will happen for the world

when this time of tragedy and darkness
come to pass
we will have pleasure and joy
that will come to last

— The End —