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It’s the Eye of the Sun,
                                     -staring down at me…

At night the mind of the Moon,
                                                  -so bright it’s all you see…

Seven Glorious Ones, Horus-Follower’s sons,
                                                   -and the cycle’s complete; time for a repeat!

Magic year, magic mind, Ozymandias seat,
                                                               a­ magic moment in time, 'ten found-on-the-line,' -mark a place where you'll be.                                                              ­                                                                 ­                                                                 ­                           
At the steps are the ones, ancient Kings of the Sun.
Torn apart by the people, when the harvest was done,
And solar barque crosses Styx, to the gates of Ammon…
Riders come from the steppe to see the death of the one,
Ancient King of the Sun redeem the land and the seed…
                                              -Rises up as Orion, again, and now he’s freed!

It’s the Eye of the Sun and the Lion is free, roaming over the lands, now the cycle’s complete…
The constellation of Orion represents the resurrected god or king. The seven glorious ones are the six northern pole stars and one southern pole star. Ancient Egyptians were Scythian making them Celts. Celts blamed their king for ill fortune and killed their kings as a sacrifice to god to rectify misfortune begetting the people.
According to Ancient Egyptians,
they came from Puru.

Pur is the root word for Persia.

Ancient Egyptians,
I have no idea why the West refuses to listen to Hindoos on the matter of religion and it's origin.

— The End —