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Mona Aug 2016
Close your eyes child , the darkness is unbearable
Goodness lies not in your success
Bear in mind the faults and virtues you hold.
Hold them close to thy heart for they are the only right you have when in darkness.
Your life is too slow to speed it up lest you be pitiful.

Lie not in the cherry blossoms
they'll itch your skin , bleed not the blood of anguish  but bear fruitful fruits ,
For they'll keep thine  own heart content
Hence close your eyes again ,just to open them to the light I lay in front you .........
Wrote this a year ago in hopes of overcoming fear of movement of any kind and adapting with my own flaws ,faults and virtues.
I'm taking it easy

Been lacking inspiration , will be taking a break hope to comeback and write better poetry

— The End —