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Tijana Jul 2018
I dont want food to be my adiction anymore
I don't want to numb my emotions by yet another drug
I dont want to sweep everything underneath a rug.

Yes Ive did it wrong, but what could I do?
Food was the only thing that gave me comfort, its not like I've could've shoot up ******* in my veins at the age of 10.

But I had food, a sick adiction, a temporary fix, for problems that are much deep.

It's a miracle that I could've even function under such amounts of stress, But I did it brave without showing any signs of distress. And why, why wouldnt I feel disstress and pain? anyone that walked in my shoes would feel the same.

So this is my solution, a sour and sweet absolution, from now on there'll be no supstatution for how I feel.
Some people mean well but when they ask you the question
are they really prepared for the answer?

How am I?  Well let me tell you.
Life is lived daily by the frayed edges of well worn rope.
My stale cigarette is just one inhale away from burning my flesh.
Lovers?  I'm one **** away from a grand STD because I don't care
enough to love anymore.  Just into the harsh slip and slide offered
in the back of the sticky floored bar.  It's filled with people like me here.
We don't talk, we stare, we smoke, the burn of the poison going down
strokes a fire that makes us feel alive.

They want me to change.  Change is was what brought me here.
Ironic isn't it?  Massive waves of stench roll over my light filled
soul trying to dim.  That, they can never have.  No matter how far
I've gone into the dark night of the one gets my flame.

A poison push just another shot then we simply say are goodbyes .
Can we even see beyond the miles now we walked through hell and just as many walk through that door.

Is it malice we take are bitterness sharing with every one night stand .
Junkies are all the same with far better titles

Alleys of emptiness and rooms cast in shadow will the night corrupt us all turning the meek into rats .

Afraid we no longer recognize are reflection hidden in coffins and that early graves promise .

Can you take me with my burden or simply say ******* goodbye?

We all fall down sometimes and others simply prefer to crash and burn.
One more round turns to seven more years the trap was set and you simply put your hand within the fire .

We are all over-sized children playing a fatal game~
Another life broken
Adiction taking over
Hearts around you breaking
Nothing effects you
But another hit
In a haze that makes you forget
Your innocents is gone
What have you done
Where did you go
I lost you in the smoke
I cant go any futher
Im losing myself
Trying to reach you
Im getting ****** in
Trying to pull you out
Teresa garza Feb 2016
Falling down a deep hole
dark and lonely
until you find that rabbit
you were chasing after
no longer lonely
no longer dark
you fall into this bad habit
I found my rabbit
you are my bad habit
I'm falling
pushing every one away every day
just for you
your all I need
I'm handing you my heart
now just grab it
cause your my bad habit
I'm falling down this dark hole
just a lonely soul
your my bad habit
I wanna spend every minute safe in your arms
with you I feel free
your pulling me in even more now
I need you so much more now
your my bad habit
I'm getting addicted
thought I had control over my bad habit
but the longer I'm away
the more I want to play
with my bad habit
About drugs and love
Blacksilhouettes Jan 2015
"Why does he drink so much?" They asked

He answered: "To drive away the pain of uselessness. To numb the feeling my world could come crashing any minute with the next wrong decision I make"
And after that ,he drinks another one and does the exact same thing he just said he shouldn't do:make another bad decision

— The End —