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Seanathon Sep 2018
Address a letter to noone ever
And send it on it's way
Into the gloom of another well packed bag
To be carried out and then whisked away

Let your focus not fall on the other
Let the falsehood, the penmanship
And all of the subtle friendlessness
Be mailed into the distant future
Far far away

Just address a letter to no one ever
And alone forever you'll ever stay
Just here laughing at myself. Me and my redundant ways. Lolz
aniket nikhade Sep 2016
The thing will remain the same
Truth will remain as it is,
the same,
it won’t change.

The thing will remain the same
Facts will remain as facts
Facts will remain the same
Facts won’t change.

Need of hour remains the issue
Need of hour needs to be addressed
Over a period of time need of hour will gain all the groud and significant importance
Definitely it’s priorities that matter the most
Priorities come first
Rest will follow later on after priorities are followed,
since priorities are the one that always come first.
Äŧül Jul 2016
Tu Chaahe, Tu Chaahe, Ya Na, (Whether you wish or don’t,)
Main Jiyunga, Haan Main, Jiyunga. (I will live, yes I will.)

Jeewan Ka Har Maza, (Each fun of life,)
Main Ji Bhar Ke Lutaunga, (I will enjoy wholly,)
Tune Diya Hai Jo Dand, (The punishment which you have given,)
Main Karunga Ise Bhang. (I will dismiss it.)

Tu Chaahe, Tu Chaahe, Ya Na, (Whether you wish or don’t,)
Main Jiyunga, Haan Main, Jiyunga. (I will live, yes I will.)
Tu Chaahe, Tu Chaahe, Ya Na, (Whether you wish or don’t,)
Main Kab Jiyunga, Kab Main Jiyunga. (When I'll live, When will I live.)

Jeewan Mein Kya Maza, (What sense is there in life,)
Bin Tere Jo Bitaunga. (If I stop believing in you.)
Woh Jeena Kya Jeena, (Would that be a life at all,)
Har Pal ** Jab Saza! (When each moment I spend is a punishment!)

To Tu Chhaaja, Haan Tu Chhaaja, (So be the shade over me, yes please,)
Main Phir Jiyunga, Haan Main Jiyunga. (I will live again, yes I will.)
To Tu Chhaaja, Ab Tu Chhaaja, (You spread over me, now please,)
Phir Main Jiyunga, Haan Main, Jiyunga. (And I will live again.)
I had simply modified one of my last songs composed before the life-threatening accident with a largely positive twist to make it seem more like an ode to the Almighty instead. It was also a vengeful challenge that I had taken up intending to rewrite my own destiny. So it used to give me supple relief singing, recording and listening to it again.

My HP Poem #1100
©Atul Kaushal

The title is pronounced as /tu chaahay/.
Pauline Morris Jan 2016
I don't want to kick the hornets nest
But I am felling quit depressed
And begaining to get awful distressed
There is things I need to express
Because my chest is really compressed
I know it's from all the stress
It will be hard for you to digest
But I have to get this off my chest
This problem must be addressed
I think it is for the best
That all of it is confessed
I know after I tell you, me you'll detest
But maybe that's for the best

Oooh never mind
I'll just keep these hornets in their hive
And stay in the shadows and hide

— The End —