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Sai Kurup Apr 12
They try to knock me down
Shatter me into a million pieces
As many times as there are stars
In the vast universe
I am strong.

You are wrong, they say
I am Copernicus.
The sun is the center of the universe,
No matter how powerful I may be
I am Wegener.
The earth has always been
drifting apart
Much like your narrow minded logic
I am Semmelweis.
Wash your hands
But the blood on your hands
Will remain until the end of time
I am strong.

They underestimate me,
You are nothing but a speck of dust
No, no
I am capable.
I am an achiever.
I am strong.
uzzi obinna Nov 2016
Spread your wings tonight,
And get ready to fly,
There is a life changing light,
Up there in the sky;

If you choose to stay back,
Definitely not with me,
No one stays in the dark,
And end up being free;

No matter how much the tears,
It won't be enough to wash your pain,
So join me lets overcome our fears,
There is so much out there to gain;

Remember this as we fly,
Make up your mind to see the light,
All you have to do is aim high,
Sucess is the only thing that's right;

So if you agree to fly with me,
We'll encourage eachother all the way,
Until we get there eventually,
And live happier lives every other day.

— The End —