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Kelly Hogan Jul 2018
In order to be successful does one need to be lonely?
It feels like that sometimes.
When did we start having conversations that
Only consist of complaining?
Why can't we proudly talk of our hard earned accomplishments
And be met with sincere interest?
I love hearing about people's lives! The hardships they've overcome,
The rewards they've worked so hard for.
But when I've finally achieved the dream
That I've worked 8 longs years for,
The lackluster responses I get are:
"Oh, nice".
No questions, because they're not interested
A light-hearted "I'm happy for you", means they really aren't
And a fading friendship because I'm busy making something of
Grateful for the friends I do have, and a supportive partner and family. That's all you really need right? Just venting. <3
april w Apr 2018
“If I didn’t force you to do it you wouldn’t have gotten these medals”
If you didn’t force me to do it I wouldn’t have gotten these medals

“These aren’t accomplishments”
These aren’t accomplishments

“You don’t have any accomplishments”
I don’t have any accomplishments

“If it weren’t for me, you would have nothing”
If it weren’t for you, I would have nothing

“You should thank me”
I should thank you


If you didn’t force me to do it, I wouldn’t have done it
But I did do it
And those medals are mine
My accomplishments
I don’t care if 4th place isn’t good enough for you
I don’t care if you don’t think they’re accomplishments
Because I know they are
They are mine
Not yours

And maybe I should thank you
For making me realize
I don’t need your approval

Maybe I should thank you
For making me realize
I was being brainwashed
To think I’m worthless

Because now I know
on this day,
several years ago
I was expelled from
high school for
possession of alcohol
on school grounds

the bottle was a gift to
a fellow classmate
for doing a
homework assignment
in our English class

the assignment was
to do a poem

and now
here I am
writing a poem about it

you could cut the
irony with a knife

well anyways,
every few leap years
or so,
I occasionally run
into my former colleagues
at some local bar or soirée
and they ask who I am

I ask if they remember me
and tell them the school
I attended and what year
I was suppose to graduate

they tell me the same and
have no recollection of who
I am or have never heard of me

and after hearing about all
the great accomplishments
they’ve made for themselves
after high school,

it sounds like they
never existed either.
It seems like it didn’t matter my graduating class graduated or not, they’re doing about the same as me.
Daisy Rae Jun 2017
Her messy ******* hair shows her hard work
Not in the gym, but in the classroom
Late nights and lots of energy drinks
She has goals, not dreams
Because she believes if she puts her mind to it
She can do anything
Her accomplishments are earned
And that should be worth something
She is hard-working.
You collect your tears in a bell jar
for the day you run dry
you roll your memories over until they are smooth
like pie dough
you grapple with the inevitable
often afraid to move
so as not to awaken death
but listen to me, my friend
you have conquered life to reach this point
you have bathed in the sanctity of passion
and conjured imaginary places
while in the bliss of the finest music
you have beamed like the Sun
at the instant of creating new life
and turned numb with agony at the moment
of losing one so close
you have managed to elude the stones thrown your way
and graciously recover from the throws of failure
you have survived
do not fear or run from your impending leave
your mark is of tremendous value and expanse
to human kind
your love has healed and brought joy
your creations are you
and will continue to thrive in your name

embrace these days
be cleansed in your life's history
revel in your time
the title is a line from Bladerunner that I will never forget
My greatest desire
is to be a better person
than I was the day before

To reach new heights
without fear

To accomplish goals
without seeking reward

To forgive
even when it's painful

To love

and to face tomorrow
with a brand new attitude
Christian Bixler Dec 2015
I sit in front of the fire and think, of olden
days, of yore. Of those moments which, by
virtue of their power, still shine golden, or
shimmer darkly, like ebony in a pool in the
dying light, out of the mists of age and forget-
fullness, this both a blessing and a curse, to one
who has lived so long as I. For I have seen many
triumphs and celebrations, and many more defeats
and fruitless victories, these like the long dark shadow
stretching out from the pillar of my accomplishments.
This pillar is the anchor of my life; without it, I would be
lost in the sea of my own wretched failures. And yet,
still, from my vantage point atop that shining monument
that enshrines all that was, is, and will be good in my life, still
the shadow grows, along with the pillar itself, for though
I have passed that point of sweet and soaring ****** at the
epitome of my life, and have long since begun the descending
spiral towards the grave, I am not yet dead. And yet, even as my pillar grows, so does my shadow, and its length grows longer as my years increase, and the memory of past failures compound one upon the other, until they are stretched far out to the distant horizon, and have filled it with darkness and shadows, for the sun is low, as my age ascends, and so the shadows lengthen. And yet. Through all of this, of the pain of my failures, of the tragedies of my defeats, of the defeats of others who were close to my heart, peace is with me, and I have no fear, and I am happy, and I give of myself to others, and expecting nothing, receive all, for the gratitude and happiness of others in response to ones generosity and love, is the greatest reward that one may hope to attain.
For I do not dwell only in the past, but in the present, and do not impose worry and fear upon my soul through vain speculations of what the future may bring, and instead live in the present, and think on the past, and act according to what I believe to be right, before the eyes of man, and the eyes of God. And all is right with me, and I am happy, and as I sit here before the hearth, the fire leaping merrily, and crackling like a thousand distant fireworks, I smile, and sink softly into sleep.
If one lives well, then one will die happy. It's as simple as that.
Arturo Hernandez Sep 2015
What could've been
I have not forgotten.
The road I could've taken
Is there somewhere behind me.
I wonder which road
Is the one I'll regret
The day after tomorrow -

A day like this one
That is never ending.
David FauntLeRoy Aug 2015
Double sided

Your presence always accompanied
By the most dreadful momentum

You are gaining speed
You are losing peace
You are giving the lead
To a power that won’t cease

It’s cloaked in impulse
A body of desire
Though intention rests in its holsters
Pride is all it fires

Swirling beauty slow down!
Running too fast for those
Who can recognize to see
And those who can’t to catch

You champion hope by burying action
With action of the wrong kind
This version of hope doesn’t
Liberate, but rather infects the mind

Hope was meant to inspire
Not fuel a pointless fire
You’ve made your conscience a liar
Dragging ideals through the mire

A waste of this
Inverting experiences
You won’t want to reminisce

A romance not worth a single ounce
Of the blood you’ve already lost
Put to death that with which you lay
If only you knew the cost

Why can’t you see the bottom?
Tex Dermott Aug 2015
I did this
I did that
Means nothing in the end
*Without love
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