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You burned
me with your,

Devilish eyes
of deceit
hoping to ruin

You have
no power over
me for your
charms have
run out.

All rights and
Copyright belongs
to ©BSM

Claim your freedom and
remember no one should have possession over you male or female regardless of their ***,

no one has a right to
claim you like a possession
that's not love so love

For someone
that's struggling
to love themselves,

remember your
amazing your
beautiful your
handsome and
love yourself

makes us as we are he doesn't make mistakes or scrapes and never compare
yourself to another that's
disrespecting yourself your
an amazing person look
inside and you will see
once you get past the hurt
there's someone amazing
inside you.

Remember your beautiful
handsome and beautiful is your soul your humor
personality poetry
everything about

Make a list of
what you love
and don't love
about yourself
but remember
God looks at your
heart not your
looks because kindness
and love is beautiful
and attractive just be
around ones that support
you encourage you inspire
you not put you down remove the toxic from
your life believe me
I know I've been there.

— The End —