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Kary Escobedo Mar 22
Everyday its 100 thoughts yet hes 99. The thoughts that go over and over in my head the thoughts that cause pain every now and then. Everyday its a simple Hi and Bye. Everyday its just a dream a dream that someday he could be mine a dream that someday ill call him mine. Everyday I see his smile that smile that only smiled when it saw me that smile that i fell in love with the same smile that broke and the only smile that could fix me. Every second of every hour of everyday the memories we had go fading with time. Everyday the burden is on my shoulders thinking i had him how was i ever so dumb to let him slip off my butter fingers. He found someone new she shines like the sun that even his hazle colored eyes cant handle with her blondish hair he fell in love with that skinny waist he didnt stop. To blinded by her beauty to see the pain she would cause and the broken heart that would end up in my arms.

— The End —