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Earl Jane May 2016

I am not perfect,
I have my imperfections,
I have many flaws,
But how could someone love me,
A love so true, like you do.

You show me daily,
Love I never felt before,
You care tenderly,
And as days and months pass by,
Your love for me grows stronger.

Yes you've filled my cup,
Feed me pure love, I'm so full,
Your kiss quench my thirst,
Your caress heal my gashes,
Your warmth console me within.

Oh, my weakened wings,
Regained its utmost power,
My dejected will,
Regenerate instantly,
Knowing you're there beside me.

Locking our fingers,
We stride and fly together,
The clouds are our bed,
The stars and moon, our nightlight,
Tonight, we savor our love.

This normal lady,
An empress to your kingdom,
Oh how blessed I am,
To be enthroned in your realm,
Beside an illustrious king.

You give me heavens,
You supply me everything,
I'm so overjoyed,
Oh I couldn't ask for more,
You are all I want and need.

This love I indulge,
So sacharrine, bona fide,
Yes, a life with you,
Is all I ever dreamed of,
Eternally, with my love.

All you have conquered,
For this love to be intact,
Patience you've lengthen,
Understanding you've widen,
You've done all, for me and you.

You never gave up,
And together we fight hard,
With God in prayer,
We will make this through safely,
Oh yes we will, my Brandon.

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
For Brandon <3 <3

Happy happy 9th month my love,,, i really wanna thank you for all you do for me,, a million poem is not enough to express how happy i am with you and how i love you so soo much,,i am so sorry for my imperfection... and i just wanna tell you that you are so perfect in my eyes,,, and you are the one i only want and need... i thank you for the prayers.. i thank you for always inspiring me, i thank you for understanding me, for caring for me, for being so kind to me, for always loving me, for not giving up on me, for being patient on me, for ALL YOU DO I WANNA THANK YOU. I want you to know you are the best thing that happened in my life... you are such a big blessing to me,,, and you are my happiness, my comfort, my refuge, my inspirer, my motivator, my best friend, my love, my soulmate, my uplifter, my everything , my all.. just wanna remind you I LOVE YOU SSOO SOOO MUCCHH!!! SSOOO SOOO SOO MUCCHH!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

— The End —