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"I'll go to bed early, I have a busy day tomorrow."
When I lie in bed,
After 9PM,
The world changes.
Night is the worst time of the day.
When you overthink what you're overthinking.
My thoughts go to you.
No, I don't sleep well.
I dream nightmares,
When it's day.
Always on my mind,'
Never on my lips.
When will I surrender?
Irene Feb 2016
we all carry within us a story that is aching to be told.
as maya angelou said "there is no greater agony that bearing an untold story inside you."
and it's so true.
each of us carry hurt, pain, memories, heartache, loss...
we don't know what someone may be going through each day.
you may be going through a rough time yourself, but don't forget to extend kindness to others.
even when you don't feel like it.
think of other's needs before yourself.
life is too short not to smile at the stranger at the bus stop.
who cares if they give you a weird look.
because we all need love, joy, and hope.
be kind to others.
and be kind to yourself.
inspired by taylor tippett
vanessa fonseca Aug 2014
I hear night sounds (and it makes my heart hurt)
this is the time my chest will be wrapped in blankets from the inside
this is the time when I realize I made a mistake, followed by the time I realize    I’m still making the same mistake (even right now)
I walked for hours wishing something would happen to me (something brand new, I think)
I left a note with my email on it
-anyone at all
i wrote this at 9pm, i dont know
AuntieBelle May 2014
Fill your heart, fill it as full as you can.
Fill it with memories most warmly hued
and remember them well
in all their glorious, sweaty,
kindly brutal

Remember each drop,
each bite,
each individual dust
mote dancing
the still, hot, sunlit
Remember how different
places all have their own
unique elusive
smell and how
it is impossible to describe this to anyone
who has never lived
anywhere else.

Fill your heart with all those memories
of the best kind
of home grown hell.

Fill it until its tears are forced out.
Fill it against the long, cold dark of parking lost.
Fill it against mysterious hate.
Fill it against misery and mud and hard

Fill it so full it can't ever sink far down.
Burden it with buoyant stories
and weigh it with
hypnotic winter flame.
These are the things of which
the cold terror to
victory apocalyptic will be born.
There are no second prizes here.

Fill it with the certainty of the worn places
where the chairs met
the table
each night.

Fill it with the truth of
the gnarled and sun-warm roots and
the indisputability of a Beetle motor accelerating and
the violent pirouette of each spring
and the ozone smell and
the way wet wood screams at the sky and
the way the sound
hits all ears the same
regardless of
their color or
what side of Line Avenue they’re from.

Remember what line you’re from
and to hell with the rest.
You must mind your own.
There’ll be water
if God wills it.

You are never too far lost if you still know
your father’s face and can still remember
getting milk from the tubes
in the
silver metal cooler
and the red cookie jar
lid as the
adults smoked at the green kids’ table
and everyone mostly had blue eyes
and red hair and there was always a phantom killer
right beyond the only hope door
before you were ****** into the mirror
world and
*******, but
kids sure do have to make some
rough choices
before nine o’clock.

Keep remembering and when you remember,
remember even deeper
remember in yet greater detail and
practice that remembering until
the dust motes
the milk tube
until you ARE each drop of sweat
until you ARE the phantom killer
and the red cookie jar lid
the straight line of smoke rising out
of the ashtray and
the motor and the
scream and the
ears and
you ARE all these things
and you ARE
and you can’t really say where these things begin or where
you end because you’re not sure that
anything really does end or

Beginnings and endings
haven’t much meaning after
everyone has
shown their cards and the worn places on the chairs have
met the table
May 17th, 2014
Tacoma, WA

— The End —