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you're lovely
A "poem" every day.
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
It was 91’,
At least that was what I was told,
A rich man from a rich son,
No idea what suffering was,
I simply complied to everything.

Blue and black flannel
**** that
I was too **** rich for your kind
With your loud noises

I spilled rich coffee
Onto your face
But I didn’t feel so bad

**** I should have
But I think I lost feelings a long time ago

I smoked a joint
And I suddenly
Felt better
But then I forgot
Who I was
In the first

Everything was fine
But I was rich
And you were not
Oh how petty
But I didn’t care-
I was now the business magnate.
Kind of an experimental piece of poetry fiction or something? I don't know. Inspired by Vampire Weekend's Diplomat's Son.
Amanda Lohrenz Jun 2014
Inspired by writing Psalm 91 in first person

My child, come into the refuge of my arms,
Though danger comes along with life’s harms.
I will protect you and over you sing.
I will tuck you safe under the shadow of my wing.

Cry out to me for I will always hear,
I will pull you in closely my daughter, my dear.
Say to me, “Selah, I trust You despite my fears.”
For I am your deliverer, the one who will wipe away all your tears.

I will save you from the trap of the evil one,
Lift you from the miry pit and teach you again to run.
In a blanket of my love I will wrap you up tight,
Pull you close to my side with tender and might.

My faithfulness will surround you like a shield,
So strong that nothing can penetrate it or make it yield.
I will for you a strong high tower build,
And into it you will come and be healed.

When terrors come in the night you will not be afraid,
For my right hand will uphold what it has made.
Trials will come at you in broad noon day,
But do not fear for I guard your every way.

People will fall all around in your sight,
They will be taken away, struck down in the fight.
But you I will uphold in the darkest of night,
Because you make me smile and bring me great delight.

My ear hears your every pain and groan,
You will be untouched from all danger at the foot of my throne.
Enter and find rest in my safety zone,
And be certain that I will never leave you alone.

You will only look with your eyes and see the wicked fall,
For you I will carry out on my shoulders tall.
I, the Most High, am your strong fortress wall,
Let me be your all in all.

I have sent my angels to look after your precious face,
They will guard your steps and lead you into the right place.
You will not strike your foot in a wrong space,
For I’m looking out for you in my loving grace.

You will cross through valleys deep,
And climb mountains steep.
I will be your lead in every circumstance,
You will never be out of my glance.

Call my name and I will answer you so,
Pick you up when you are low.
For I love you a lot, don’t you know?
You’re my delight and cause my heart to glow.

My promise to you is a long life,
And even though you will encounter grief and strife.
My salvation you will see,
And with you I will always be.

Never forget it is you whom I love,
For you’re my precious creation from above! Registered & Protected

— The End —