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Shannon Delaney Apr 2020
sometimes I forget we come from similar pain
that we both died a bit one day in April
I forget that my wounds are your wounds
it's the love only a mother could have
one that breaks hearts in unison
poetry challenge: write a 5 line poem to the last person you texted. sometimes i forget my mom understands me so well
Inked Quill Sep 2017
Your black, charcoal eyes
Enchantingly hypnotic
Like dreamy autumn kiss
On my skin
Ignite my unfaded passion
Inked Quill Sep 2017
I place my lips
On yours
Soft, delicate
As you whisper to me
In your dulcet tones
like nature's beauty
nourishing and fulfilling
spritually sound
the fibers of your being
breathe into me love and peace
standing there
by a broken tree
torn to pieces
with a toothy grin screaming
"Im. Still. Breathing."
i am fireflies
i carry luminous light
shine in dark places
i am a travel guide for
the ones who have lost their way
the light grows
ever closer in the distance
where once
there was an end
i see the hope of new beginnings
melancholy eyes
i am drawn to their soft cry
my own reflection
existing inside of you
a pain that i recognize
That moment you meet someone who you relate to so well. Its like seeing yourself in the mirror. You develop a bond throught the tragedies and pain you share, and joy in finding someone who understands.
grey on top of grey
everything black and white
some days it feels like
i've woken up on the
wrong side of the sky
silver horizon
i will reach the pentacle
of the mountain
hold the moon in my hands
accomplish all of my dreams
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