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AvengingPoet Sep 2014
All kept equal by four walls
and assignments kept for you to befall.

Short time, long time, quite time
with a chime.

The chime keeps them equal
and peaceful.

They finally found the chords that build high like a mountain
as they find access to the fountainhead.

The council tells them they are wrong
and that they don’t have long.

They have become a target of the nation
for simply wanting to become a sensation.

All they wanted was self-expression
but they could never possibly ask questions.

The council controls them with computerized cynics
provided by everyone who mimics.

They could have had their life blood spill over
instead they became a composer.

They took down the council with the power of revolution
as they deviate from the norm with solution.

The years of control finally ended
as the champion enters; alone.

he was far from classless.

took the discovery and wielded it.

gave them their freedom.

the true vision.

stood up to the powers that be.

The first in a series of poems about a character named Atlus. These were originally posted on my first account I had but I made a new one so...reposting it.
Second poem-

— The End —