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tacet May 15
I walked a mile in your shoes.
Because of how well-worn they are,
I drilled a hole right through the sole
Before I made it very far.

You walked a mile in mine, then
Returned with shoes that looked just-bought.
And though one pair was worse for wear
They carried spirit mine did not.
to things with true value.
tacet May 15
I first filled up my flowerpots
With greenest greens and bluest blues
But now, I think, as true hues show,
I should've checked the meanings, too.
to superficiality.
tacet May 14
cause I know you just enough
to miss you
to new friends.
tacet Apr 23
He says it was a beastie
Ever so big, in the woods
He says the beastie came in the dark
Came and went an’ came back
And wanted to eat him—
He was dreaming.

Beasts! Where from?
What does that mean but nightmares?
Fear can’t hurt you
Any more than a dream.
There isn’t a beast—how could there be?
You’ll be talking about ghosts and such next.
Be frightened because you’re like that,
But there is no beast in the forest.

There is no beast in the forest,
Just an ignorant, silly little boy.
A blackness within, a blackness that spread.
Pig’s head on a stick.

Fancy thinking the Beast
Was something you could ****!
Do you think you know better?
Aren’t you afraid of me?
This is ridiculous.
You knew, didn’t you?
You know perfectly well
Why things are what they are.
Close, close, close!
I’m part of you.
to my English teacher, for assigning a style of poetry I’d never tried, and to William Golding, who wrote the words that I had the freedom to rearrange.
tacet Apr 19
I think it was awfully egocentric
for Nobody to assume
that the first Nobody they met
was exactly just like them
to Emily Dickinson—she didn’t even give Nobody a chance to answer.
tacet Apr 19
it costs nothing to be kind
until some ****
decides to jack up the prices
to someone you know.
tacet Apr 19
Start with an idea,
A concept of what seeds need planting.
Your garden, without purpose,
Will be jumbled and stoic.

Some vegetable seedlings-
Start slow. Start small.
When you plant just a few
Your space will naturally blossom.
Some fruits, then;
The ones you think taste sweetest.

Then, sprinkle in some flowers.
Decide whether language is worth more than look-
White tulips, daffodils
Or if you just prefer
To find the prettiest bulbs—
Let others decide for themselves
What your garden means to you.

Ensure that you avoid pesticides
(Unless, of course,
The only type of garden that interests you
Is one that ceases to exist).

Care for it prudently,
Smile as it blossoms,
And look on as it blooms
Into something greater than yourself.
to creation.
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