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tacet Apr 7
I’m jealous
Of the color you bring.
Of how you paint pictures
I didn’t know could ever exist.

But I know
You don’t mind my envy,
For you selflessly color my life
With all the hues of the sunrise.
to love.
tacet Mar 30
my dreams have been here in
reality all along

I’ve just only searched for them
when my eyes were closed
to hope.
tacet Mar 30
I have no name
I have no place
I fell behind
In this long race
And so I stand
And smile and take
What life wants to
Provide me.

You want a name
A place—instead
You hit the wall
Where I lay dead
And ‘til you find
Some hedge to climb
Your place is right
Beside me.
to setting a pace that’s too fast.
tacet Mar 27
a solar flare
is inconsequential to the sun itself
but wreaks havoc
on everything around it

it acts as
its own supernova
and although the world
continues to turn,

it does so
now a few stars lighter
to stars snuffed out too soon.
tacet Mar 27
I love
the flame that
flickers in your eyes,
looking kindly at a world
that so desperately
wishes for a
to being the change.
tacet Mar 27
there are few things I hate more
than when others express their sympathies

for my endless, countless sleepless nights
for my free time consumed by crunch time
for the emotional strain brought on
by a life built on all work, no play

because surely this must be
what my life is like
surely, everything I have
is what I deserve

and I'm not sure how to explain
that my effort and my success
is juxtaposition to the highest degree
to guilt.
tacet Mar 26
as a child,
I would write poems
about seasons and feelings and smiles
and recite them over the morning announcements.

now I can't decide if I was a better poet at age six
or if I just now think far more than I write,
or if those options are one in the same.
to growing and changing and losing a child's honesty.
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