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  Jan 2016 Tabitha Ann
Bailey Lewis
I wanted to feel whole again
But I chose to walk away
Because, I’d rather have holes
In the soles of my shoes
Than in my heart
It's been awhile. I've had severe writers block.
  Oct 2015 Tabitha Ann
Bailey Lewis
A fine line separates
Happiness from sadness
And I have one foot
Stuck in both of them
Almost like standing
On the border of
Two different states
These feelings are
Close together, but
Feel worlds away.
Haven't posted in a while. I'll change that.
Tabitha Ann Sep 2015
Our love was strong even as it began,
but our foundation at best was feeble.
We had a pretty functional plan,
but we were very dysfunctional people.

Not mine, but very relevant.
  Aug 2015 Tabitha Ann
Bailey Lewis
I never believed in ghosts
Until she told me to move on
I’ve been sticking to the shadows
Of the past, trying to bring to life
What once made me feel so alive
I often wonder, when love fades away
Did it ever exist in the first place
Or was it the ghost of something
That died long ago
Tabitha Ann Jun 2015
I know you’ve been broken
and your scars remind you of the fear
of all the hollow words spoken
they’ve come to destroy you, my dear.
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