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Syreeta Morgan Jun 2016
The issue of race and racial equality seems to be trending
Everyone wants to “take action”
Everyone wants to “help”
But do they really?
Your fellow teachers, professors, priests, neighbors
Everyone seems to be “fed up”
They want it to be put to a standstill
But to me?
They’re playing a game
A fun game
At least to them it’s fun
And here are the rules:
Rule 1: pretend to care
Rule 2: speak on it during public occasions
Rule 3: watch and read the news on each specific topic
Rule 4: go home and sit on your ***** and act like you did something
And if you repeat the steps every time something breaks out
You’ll win
Trust me, it’s simple
And that’s the issue
Letting incidents like this continue and build up
Is hurting not only everyone else around you
But yourself as well
Put yourself in our shoes
Feel how we feel
Not witness, but become the victim
Then maybe, just maybe you’ll understand
Or will you?
Sad to say that things like this will and have not happened to you
Somethings may be similar, but not as bad
Who am I talking to?
You know exactly who..white folks
Yeah, I said it
Don’t act so surprised
You all won’t understand what we go thru
Because it hasn’t happened to you
And don’t say that it has
No matter how hard you’ll try to understand
It just won’t happen
So stop, stop with the pity parties and sob stories
So, if you want to help the situation listen to me
Stop playing this thing called, “The Race Game”
The game is not fun
The game is not entertaining
It’s ignorant
So go ahead, play if you want
And see how far it gets ya.

— The End —