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Nov 19 · 217
let go (of me)
mks Nov 19
in your neverending pursuit of my soul,
did you consider it wasn't meant for capture at all?
or did the wanderlust make you want to ruin it all the more?
Nov 2 · 943
blossom for me
mks Nov 2
i keep waiting for red roses to bloom,
but your fingers only know bruises
and you find me so pretty in blue.
that violet hue
mks Aug 10
you said it with wet eyes and an open heart
and it was so velvet sweet, you had to mean it.
your love was warm, selfless, and consuming
and i had to lose you to feel it.
Jul 28 · 170
crushed rose
mks Jul 28
baby pink across my cheeks but all you did was smile.
tingles in my bones even though you've been here awhile.
i begin to wonder - how on earth did you trick me into a romance
so devastatingly juvenile?
Jun 4 · 332
divided, we fall
mks Jun 4
lady justice wears a blindfold
not to be impartial,
but to avoid accountability
as her sword pierces her citizens
May 14 · 296
i became art
mks May 14
your fingers felt like brush strokes on my skin,
butter soft and deliberate in their pursuit to map every inch of me.
you made colors appear and you made flowers bloom
in my scars and stretch marks and everything in between.
you painted me with the sort of reverence and unwavering attention
only ancient marble statues can attest to.

you made me feel timeless, made me feel visible, made me feel bold
and even if you forgot me in the studio of your other failed projects,
in that moment, you made me feel real.
mks Apr 28
why does the human soul punish itself
the more it braves the outside world?
are we that afraid of being known as who we truly are,
right at the molten core of our hearts?
we create new masks everyday to please someone
and not one of them fits right and they all hurt.

why does the human soul have so little faith
in being loved unconditionally?
Mar 7 · 560
little girl,
mks Mar 7
you've soaked your soul in ache
so it's easy to see how the warm sting of love
must feel like an attack on the fibrotic remnants of your heart.
Jan 11 · 606
dear love,
mks Jan 11
if you aren't meant for me,
then why does your smile fit so perfectly
into all the empty spaces of my heart?
Nov 2019 · 420
mks Nov 2019
did you spend all that time breaking down
the walls i'd built around me and my heart
so it would be easier for you to leave?
Aug 2019 · 2.4k
mks Aug 2019
I was built like a catastrophe
like so much wreckage and despair
that you felt compelled to look
but you hated every second of it
Jul 2019 · 313
optic chiasm
mks Jul 2019
my eyes for you, my eyes for you
a thousand of my thoughts for you
a persistent sinkhole in my chest for you

my eyes on you, my eyes on you
hooks in every inch of my skin for you
laid bare like a sacrifice for you

my eyes and you, my eyes and you
what have you done to make them stuck on you?
Mar 2019 · 779
stage fright
mks Mar 2019
the chaotic wild fires of your thoughts
the inherent hesitance of your mouth,
you stutter.
Mar 2019 · 412
can I be honest?
mks Mar 2019
love is too mundane a sentiment to describe this
and the way the earth shatters
and the entire universe bursts and crackles inside me
and infinite flowers take root at the base of my feet
and fire ignites like a war path in my lungs
at the mere sight of you.
Feb 2019 · 352
love's expiration date
mks Feb 2019
how dare you ask me to silence the thunder
that attracted you to the storm inside me in the first place
Feb 2019 · 1.8k
in shadows, you prosper
mks Feb 2019
claws like ink, like the darkest shade of sapphire,
and a mouth just the same
and you feel like a thundercloud descending

the aching power of centuries of persecution
vibrates under and over every inch of you

like a magnificent trick, you smile
stretch soft skin over sharp teeth and make it seem inviting
and you feel like a tectonic plate shifting

the weight of your history falls delicately on your shoulders
and adds cracks of lightening to you

a heart like liquid, like an endless sinking feeling,
and eyes just the same
and you feel like a witch blossoming
Nov 2018 · 16.1k
mks Nov 2018
they tell me to pick a poison
and my heart is set on you
Oct 2018 · 682
conditional equality
mks Oct 2018
moonlight falls without bias
wicked me and benevolent you are the same here
Sep 2018 · 615
thank you, mister
mks Sep 2018
speak on her movement with a whisper
slice and swallow her identity by the letter
call her tasteless for wanting something better
Sep 2018 · 409
mks Sep 2018
my peace lies within him
and i have been restless since he built that fence
mks Aug 2018
angels try to entice me with visions of heaven
but i keep clawing at the ground to get to hell for you
Aug 2018 · 555
polygraph test
mks Aug 2018
tell me
will you or won't you
do anything to have me?
Jul 2018 · 711
ocean girl
mks Jul 2018
She’s a thousand lightening bolts to me
Catastrophic and bright and she makes everything sting
She makes everything sing
She makes everything sound good

She’s a light pink dress to me
Bold and skin-tight and she makes it seem easy
She makes it seem rudimentary
She makes it seem almost arbitrary

She moves mountains
With soft, moonlit smiles
She wrecks havoc on earth
By parting her hair one inch to the right

She’s a home to me
An island and a cage and she makes me feel safe
She makes me feel anchored
She makes me feel formidable with her faith in me

She’s not taller than me
She’s not faster than me
But when she moves,
I can barely breathe
Jun 2018 · 513
umbilical cord
mks Jun 2018
you taught me how to thread a needle
you taught me i must leave indents on things to deserve them
and if there aren't scratches on something,
if i didn't scream myself hoarse begging for something,
i didn't earn it

you taught me how long to boil an egg

you taught me emotions must be whispered about
you taught me that the buzzing pain in my head is made up
you taught me attention comes with price tags

you taught me how pack for a trip

you taught me to compress sentiments
and i look ugly today, don't i?
i'm wearing a color you don't like on me, aren't i?
i laughed too loud earlier?
that joke i made was inappropriate, wasn't it?

you taught me love stings, coffee stains, and depression fades

you taught me all the steps to make you smile
but you never taught me how to make it last
Jun 2018 · 700
to: you
mks Jun 2018
Dear Love of Mine,

I don’t know how to begin this letter but I suppose I should state my love in tandem. In tangents and long winded, exhausted prose. In hyperbolic tones, in painfully metaphorical metaphors.

I suppose I should begin there.

I, like a point in space - a broken piece of a dead planet, lost and without any particular purpose - and love, like constriction and distinction and horrific determination, and you, like another point in space - a bursting nebula whose light never quite reaches the first point.

Only three parties involved in the whole picture and you know how it goes; one will die, one will suffer, and the other will never be able to make the two meet.

Which is which, I’m afraid I can’t specify. It’s a love letter, you see. Let’s not get into the linguistics.

Dear Love of Mine, it feels as though we could be cosmic beings with centuries to spare and still never figure it out. Love, that is. Even with immortality at our feet, we would wonder how love can be so consuming and yet dwindle gracelessly under the shadow of doubt, possession, anger, or its own weight.

You know what they say, too much of a good thing is a bad thing and the thing is that the good thing is you and the good thing is poison and all the warning labels are clear and bright red but the thing is that I am helpless. Hopeless, you see.

If the good thing is you then I’m afraid they have the saying all wrong.

Or, perhaps, this is simply a love letter. I must play with reality and logic and structure and spread them so thin that they look beautiful. Harmless.

Dear Love of Mine, please write back.
May 2018 · 542
liquid courage
mks May 2018
alcohol hits my tongue
and I forget you’re not mine

you move like poison
your dress is ink
a particular type of sin

alcohol hits my tongue
and I forget you’re not mine

I feel like red
my blood is breaking skin
I can’t hold it in

alcohol hits my tongue
and I forget you’re not mine

moonlight falls like silk
it makes waves over me
and you seem at home in that sea

alcohol hits my tongue
and suddenly I’m alive
May 2018 · 575
my beloved plots my demise
mks May 2018
he says
knife to your throat and gun to your spine
do you swear on your life that you’re mine

i tell her
put down the knife and set the gun aside
i don’t need death to threaten what is already in my mind

he screams
wrong, incorrect, you’re out of time
he struck me down, yes, he crossed a line

I smile
even death at your hands feels this sublime
even with blood on my skin, I insist I’m fine

he shouts
oh good, oh wonderful, this is divine
you’re mine, you’re mine, you’re mine, you’re mine
Mar 2018 · 726
darling, i must confess
mks Mar 2018
flowers bloom recklessly inside my lungs
when you undress
Mar 2018 · 619
bad timing
mks Mar 2018
i poured love down your throat
and i ached every time it dripped down your lips
and by the time you finally swallowed it

i had no more to give
Feb 2018 · 697
my notes on you
mks Feb 2018
every second with you near is a catastrophe
and you don't seem to know what you do to me

and they say your smile is serene but you don't smile at me
you haven't smiled in weeks

i try twice and thrice and again to be good company
but you look through me as i speak

your affection seems like a foolish thing to seek
but heaven is empty and love is juvenile, you see
mks Feb 2018
she is the heaven
you would go to hell for
Feb 2018 · 504
mks Feb 2018
he only kisses you when he thinks
you want it

you want it all the time
and he never kisses you
Feb 2018 · 590
mks Feb 2018
Let’s say tomorrow is as hopeless as yesterday
let’s say you know you’ve done something

Let’s say nothing matters
look at the margins and separate the facts and
ignore the screams because they’re yours and
nobody wants to save you

Let’s say it’s midnight and you’re alone
and you have knives and guns and other permanent things
around your hands and above your head
let’s say you’re stupid enough to miss the hint

let’s say you ran a mile and you’re sweating and your
hands are shaking. Let’s say you woke up and
didn’t think about something awful and your hands are


Let’s say your full, heavy name evokes
a sense of dread, let’s say you were born predisposed to


Let’s say it means something when you smile

let’s say it means something when you smile

let’s say it means something

Let’s say you smile.
Feb 2018 · 485
definition invalid
mks Feb 2018
that boy is a syncope

body-wise, he puts you in a coma
as your heartbeat dips

word-wise, he’s silent but he’s

that boy is a syncope and you’re
studying him and studying him and studying him
(trying to stay awake or
make him speak)

that boy is a syncope
and you-
oh, you’re
in love
Feb 2018 · 485
love is a health risk
mks Feb 2018
what do you mean
when you say
he’s your heart

do you mean you
cannot live without him

do you mean you cannot control him
or he hurts you when you run
or if you’re too sweet
he’ll **** you

— The End —