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mks Jan 11
if you aren't meant for me,
then why does your smile fit so perfectly
into all the empty spaces of my heart?
mks Dec 2019
he asks you to teach him how to be good enough
for her
mks Nov 2019
did you spend all that time breaking down
the walls i'd built around me and my heart
so it would be easier for you to leave?
mks Aug 2019
I was built like a catastrophe
like so much wreckage and despair
that you felt compelled to look
but you hated every second of it
mks Jul 2019
my eyes for you, my eyes for you
a thousand of my thoughts for you
a persistent sinkhole in my chest for you

my eyes on you, my eyes on you
hooks in every inch of my skin for you
laid bare like a sacrifice for you

my eyes and you, my eyes and you
what have you done to make them stuck on you?
mks Mar 2019
the chaotic wild fires of your thoughts
the inherent hesitance of your mouth,
you stutter.
mks Mar 2019
love is too mundane a sentiment to describe this
and the way the earth shatters
and the entire universe bursts and crackles inside me
and infinite flowers take root at the base of my feet
and fire ignites like a war path in my lungs
at the mere sight of you.
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