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if I become the reason behind your fall,
will you be my summer?
if I wear that red, lacy thing you like,
will you worship a sinner?

if I turn everything I touch into ash,
will you become my color?
if I give you temporary moments of bliss,
will you be mine forver?
syncoped Jan 21
If I could express myself in something less brittle than words,
you would feel my love thunderous against you.
syncoped Jan 11
What do you know about particles dancing
across billions of years and colliding together
to become something tangible and significant
only to be helplessly bewitched by you?

What do you know about the magnitude of my twilight,
my midnight, and my every bit of starlight
and nebula and space dust that I've wasted on you?

What do you know about the gravitational thud
my stomach experiences at the sight of you?
At the mere mention of you?

What do you know about
the incomprehensible tangle of physics that propels me
into black holes to escape thoughts about you?

Tell me, darling, what do you know about pain
and turning it interstelllar
and calling it love
and having all of it hinged on you?
syncoped Jan 3
he dresses all his words in daisies
and makes sure to double dip them in honey.
he makes it seem like a daydream
and it's picturesque when he sinks into me.
i slip up and call him 'baby'
syncoped Dec 2020
my beloved is poison
so i take him in small doses.
caliberate venom in veins and
keep my skin just shy of necrosis.
syncoped Nov 2020
in your neverending pursuit of my soul,
did you consider it wasn't meant for capture at all?
or did the wanderlust make you want to ruin it all the more?
syncoped Nov 2020
i keep waiting for red roses to bloom,
but your fingers only know bruises
and you find me so pretty in blue.
that violet hue
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