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Syn May 2016
As an immortal, people say you have to live eternally, to watch all your friends die. Forever. Every one of them.
But I think one thing they hadn't thought of is find them again. In new people. In new lives. In new bodies. They, just as energy, do not truly die. They are recycled and find new faces in which they live behind.
And you would be surprised how the faces they always find, tend to be so similar to the face you first came to know. Even when they are no longer a male, of African descent, and are now your best female Chinese'll find you'll always be looking into their new eyes, and always seeing the eyes of the friend whom you met so many generations ago.
And they will know you in their soul even when their previous bodies have departed, and with it, took their memories. The memories that you hold dear to you. Because these are your friends. And they are your life. And you love every one of them.
Syn Feb 2016
I aim for insanity and should I land among the sane, with madness seething from my fingers, I will touch every one of them until Sanity is only a vague memory that none of us can quite recall.
I wrote this for my bio piece but I actually like it as a poem itself. :)
Syn Feb 2016
Everyone is so obsessed with
      trying to find Sanity
While I'm just keeping to myself,
      praying not to ever be.

The Sanity that you all want and yearn for and desire
Is nothing more than living in a world engulfed in **Fire
Syn Feb 2016
I walked quickly up the road
Then crossed it at the top
It was my addiction
And I didn't want to stop

Whenever I was sad
I'd cross the street a time or so
And whenever I felt ready,
I would walk straight down the road.
Very old poem
Syn Feb 2016
I open up my can of trash
To find the things I've tossed
But as I do, it shines apparent
Those things are "ever-lost"

This simple fact, which I forgot:
My trash can't be displaced
For everything I throw inside
Is dropped in outer space

Recalling this -in retrospect-
I maybe shouldn't have....
Dropped my baby brother in
...Probably won't get him back...
I wrote this for a class assignment about "things you might find in your trashcan".
Syn Feb 2016
I shout out on the misty cliff
My echo answers back
Alone I stand to blame for this
Left searching for the facts

The Stars know I have spent my life
In search of how to reach them
I've jumped and fallen, climbed and fell
My thoughts, I want to teach them

If I can give my knowledge up
They stars can shine it down
They'll teach the world my secrets kept
Then maybe we won't drown
Syn Feb 2016
Come by sometime
Its not the same without you
I miss your pretty eyes
That hide the truth about you

I've gotta say
You were pretty neat
Forgive me someday?
For being me?

I'm sorry that you got too close
I never meant to let you
Your burns will heal in time, I hope
I guess that's how they get you

I begged you not to fall for me
I warned you when you met me
I realize that I've broken you
I begged you not to let me

I saw between your pretty lies
I dug and found your demons
I hope someday you'll understand
I brought them out with reason

Face them, that was all I asked
I stood to fight beside you
You hate me now, you told me last
But your demons are behind you
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