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S Smoothie Sep 2021
I let them get in my ear

and they didn't even speak

I let them cut you out of me

And I'm still bleeding and raw

A great deception

The law social of norms

The implied despotism

Of stigma

Of stain

But I am slain

I wear the eternal stain

Because I didn't love you

Like I should have

I Loved him more
S Smoothie Sep 2021
Me and you

I say "_!"

You say "you too!"

You say "

I say duck!

You throw _!

Just my luck!

And then,

a flash across an iris

A magnet of desire,

A silent pause

And we both start doing

Exactly just what we'd said we'd do
S Smoothie Sep 2021
What use am I?

What shade of complexity could I bring

What understanding would light your mind,

If the torn edges of maybes or what ifs weren't defined?

The swirl of uncertainty wrapping your tongue

sticky mud of insecurity would never water down

What faith would you tread on ground?

Oh What clarity hate affords the messengers target

Face it

without me you would have no purpose

No navigation between left or right

Appreciation is a lost art

A snicker of light

I'm not offended

I am simply aware

But you,

You're stuck with that blank stare.
Everything has a value and purpose not the least of all but the greatest is you.

In all your glory, never be afraid to be you
S Smoothie Sep 2021
Behind the days bluish glow

I know you're there

I wait for sunset and while away

Until the midnight hour

Where your breath speaks to my soul

Where constellations twinkle

in sequence spelling out your secret name

And as I rise weightless

Leaving the old leaden sheath behind

The cosmos suddenly opens

A stream of concious light

Interconnected highways and byways

And the game of tip chase begins

Are you amongst the stars?

Are those your soul prints amongst the quasars?

I search for you,

With all the excitement

Of innocent eyes devouring the wonders

but you still remain for my efforts unseen...
Inspired by greatness
S Smoothie Aug 2021
The devastation

swift, like a thief I never saw

The Night never wished.

The old tide left me

Out in the darkness of sky

waiting the tides turn

I stood before you

Naked and afraid soul bared

And you just vanished

Delicate beauty

A lone tear ripped from my heart

No explaination.

In nothing I trust

Now love is a trustee but,

All of its own mind
Come back soon AT
S Smoothie Aug 2021
If there is no ingredient list, is it true that there is no informed consent?

Can anyone can force anyone in to being part of an experiment?

If someone monitoring  me is ongoing and no one has been told what and how long monitoring happens can a person ask for clear statement of what ongoing monitoring means? And if so will they be monitoring my every move?

If a person is forced and  signs up for the experiment is health insurance or even life insurance affected?

I may need it,
Will they even pay out?

Can people quit from being in a trial at any time?  

Can such a poison as labelled and described in the  emergency plan really be forced on to a person?

What exactly do I gain?  

***? Are you serious? Who cares? Don't be so dramatic!
Just take the **** thing so people can shut up and stop judging you for not doing what ever it is they think you should be doing. Its a ****** cycle, it's life, get with the program!

What if I just tell grandma I  don't want to taste her new recipe for brownies in front of everyone at the fair because I dont like her salty brownies they make me sick?

Ok kid, its your funeral.
Some experiments should be left alone. Sugar is not salt. Mortified. Just that 1 time, "first time shame on you 2nd time shame on me"
S Smoothie Aug 2021
The beats thrum home

Each rise and fall,  

A rhythmic calm

Breath Whispers

Warmth nuzzles,

Lips graze

Fingertips trace

Imersed in contentedness

Love has coalesced
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