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Annie Oct 2018
Some nights I feel like
this sadness has made a home
out of my hollow heart.
On a tipsy morning, it woke up
and forgot to leave.
Or maybe it just ran out of places
to exit through.
Annie Sep 2018
Once upon a time,
You called me an angel.

So for once,
I'll try flying up high,
Soaring into the wind.
Secretly hoping I'll fall forever instead.
Annie Sep 2018
The world gave up on you,
A little too soon.

They couldn't see the man,
Behind the beast.

Some didn't care enough,
Some didn't dare to.

You flashed warning signs,
When I ventured around you.

You let your guard off for me,
I let my secrets confide in you.

Some days flowers bloom in us,
The other days we crush them to nothing.

You grow cold towards me,
Shatter my heart without making a sound.

I scar you in the daylight,
Find comfort in your embrace in the darkness.

You tell me you aren't easy to love.
I tell you I don't want easy.

I want you.
Annie Sep 2018
Your anger is slowly
my heart.

Its turning blue
with each day.

It'll be dead
soon enough.

And all there'll be left,
is coldness
and ruthlessness
in this body of mine.
Annie Aug 2018
I used to wish
To turn back time
All the time.

But today I realized that
If it weren't for the good days
Or the bad ones
I wouldn't be here
With the poeple
And places
That I am.

Now that I think of it
I don't want a single thing
To be different
In any way.

Now that I look back,
I can say
I'm proud of
My heartbreaks,
My failures,
And myself
To have made the choices
That I did.
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