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Sydney Rose Nov 2021
the sore pain my heart is suffering from
will never heal
as you broke a piece of mine
to bandage yours
to be a better you for your return to her
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
if you loved me


why was there a her?
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
was your heart not devoted to mine
when my melodies sung for yours
as the sun rose on my side to wake
the soul of yours you have left behind
in the life you continue to forget
that we have created together
as the sunsets on your end to her
Sydney Rose Sep 2021
what hurts the most
is that i loved you
when i was meant
to love him instead
Sydney Rose Sep 2021
and as i lay myself to sleep
my dreams remind me
you are only here
to hurt me
Sydney Rose Sep 2021
what they did not know
was that i was not the villain
wickedly casting spells of hatred
on thee who spoke hell
upon the name of i

what they did not know
was my origin story
that caused me to go wicked

what they did not know
was that it was thee
who stabbed the knife
poured blood of revenge
from my pure golden skin
to spark the evil within
Sydney Rose Sep 2021
i realized that
i am not in love with you

i am in love
with the person
you promised to be
in my very own life
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