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Oct 2019 · 409
Night Terrors
Sydney Marie Oct 2019
they use to be just a black cloaked figures

Over Time

they grew faces
Sydney Marie May 2018
As time grows on,
My memories of you grow thin.

Our last goodbye
Our first hello
Apr 2018 · 470
Cyclical Cycle
Apr 2018 · 307
Ten Word Story
Sydney Marie Apr 2018
I am not,
shattered pieces
to be picked up.
Jan 2018 · 344
Just A Feeling
Sydney Marie Jan 2018
my fingers can trace you with my eyes closed and you not there
Nov 2017 · 433
Jun 2017 · 499
Bad Past (10 w)
May 2017 · 432
Sydney Marie May 2017
my dreams control me, so i need to learn how to control *them
Apr 2017 · 547
Sydney Marie Apr 2017
"They're not attacking you, they're attacking your idea because you were louder then anyone else."
Apr 2017 · 1.0k
Man Made
Sydney Marie Apr 2017
"What is loves biggest fear?"
He whispered.

She spoke back.
Apr 2017 · 445
Apr 2017 · 461
Separate Things
Mar 2017 · 342
Sydney Marie Mar 2017
i dont miss you...
i miss the...

                                   *of you...
Mar 2017 · 405
Saying I Love You
Sydney Marie Mar 2017
It's feelings about,
And then the word,
Feb 2017 · 846
5 Word Thought
Dec 2016 · 697
Dec 2016 · 746
Sydney Marie Dec 2016
Love is selfish.
Love is not a game to be played or won.
It is a selfish act.
And boy,
You make me want to be on center stage.
Happy Holidays to those who are celebrating this week. I wish you all a safe and lovely time with friends and loved ones.
Dec 2016 · 584
Surrounded By
Sydney Marie Dec 2016
Amongst the people I held together,
I, somehow fell apart.
Nov 2016 · 612
Sydney Marie Nov 2016
things are falling apart
things don't get better with time
things just blend.
Jul 2016 · 422
Rhyme Time
Sydney Marie Jul 2016
my ears have heard beyond their years
Jul 2016 · 1.2k
Sydney Marie Jul 2016
I will trust in my wings to keep me flying.

I will trust in my moral compass to keep me straight.

I will trust in my mind that I will be okay.
Jul 2016 · 407
Sydney Marie Jul 2016
my mind is huge and difficult to get in,
                   i know what it's like
                                   so i close black holes
           and show you beautiful constellations
                                                 ­          and brave planets
                                   that linger there
a little something personal for a change.

Life has been crazy lately, hope everyone is well.
May 2016 · 1.4k
When In An Argument; (10w)
Sydney Marie May 2016
using big words to
make you
sound smart,

isn't smart
May 2016 · 703
Sunday Morning
Sydney Marie May 2016
holidays like these make me feel empty
May 2016 · 732
Sydney Marie May 2016
Time is moving much quicker.

and I,

cannot keep up.
May 2016 · 550
Apr 2016 · 520
Mankind - 6W
Apr 2016 · 682
The Other Woman
Sydney Marie Apr 2016
I know I am okay with her being your second.

Because I know I will always be your first,
And your *best.
always & forever
Even though you are gone and not mine.

Oh my, my spelling, sorry..
Apr 2016 · 513
Until (6w)
Apr 2016 · 919
Sydney Marie Apr 2016
It is always nice to know that you're not alone

It is also awful to know that they feel what you feel.
Apr 2016 · 400
The First
Apr 2016 · 327
Sydney Marie Apr 2016
I've never been selfish.
always playing by the rules people were talking about.

I've never been selfish.
always the one getting hurt in the end.

I've never been selfish.
always feeling like I'm invisible to everyone.

I need to be selfish just once.
hashtag trying to be positive when all seems hopeless
That would have been a great 10w but its only 9w..
Worst day ever, dumb.
Mar 2016 · 703
I Hate You
Sydney Marie Mar 2016
did you manage to get all of what you wanted
when all you wanted while you were with me,
was to do nothing.
Mar 2016 · 575
Ten Word Story
Mar 2016 · 4.7k
Six Word Story
Mar 2016 · 474
Six Word Story
Sydney Marie Mar 2016
Innocent 'til my guilt is proven.
Happy St Patties day folks !
Mar 2016 · 870
POV of You
Sydney Marie Mar 2016
I know this is how you felt,
I know everyone feels things differently.
But I know now, this is how you felt.

And my God,
Am I ever sorry.
Mar 2016 · 432
Sydney Marie Mar 2016
I cannot feel ashamed or disrupted
I cannot feel lost or disturbed
by you leaving me...

Only because,

I was thinking of someone else.
Mar 2016 · 313
Six Word Story
Mar 2016 · 351
It Takes Two
Sydney Marie Mar 2016
It takes two to tango, but you don't know how to dance.
Feb 2016 · 261
Here & Now
Sydney Marie Feb 2016
Some days I know why I carry on,
Days like today,

I have no idea why.
Jan 2016 · 596
Thought #739
Sydney Marie Jan 2016
no one knows how frustrating it is,

being sad for no reason at all.
thought of the day
Jan 2016 · 1.4k
Sydney Marie Jan 2016
I'm not scared,
I wont fall in love again.
I'm scared I will never fall in love like
i've had writers block and much more go on, but i hope everyone had a lovely holidays and has a lovely new year, you're awesome for reading this by the way... :)
Sep 2015 · 403
Same Old, Same Old
Sydney Marie Sep 2015
something came along
and now?
now i feel its going to be like



Sep 2015 · 832
whatever happened too ...
Sydney Marie Sep 2015
Ive become
this permifried *****
this unintelligent underachiever
this messy mistake
The drugs in me now are nothing compared to what you did to me
Jul 2015 · 190
Alone & Happy
Sydney Marie Jul 2015
I don't think I want this anymore
Its so much like the last
Its everything like the last
I don't remember hating it so much
my friend made me realize this today
this is also super ******, so my apologies, it just looked nice in the text box...
Jul 2015 · 366
Sydney Marie Jul 2015
someone who gives
a care
about something,
about anything
Jun 2015 · 523
writing out loud
Sydney Marie Jun 2015
THIS* isn't for YOU
THIS isn't for ME

THIS is for
my eyes

THIS is for
my ears

to understand
Jun 2015 · 546
Sydney Marie Jun 2015
I wanna punch walls
And throw glass
And curse all the curse words

Yet I stay still and quiet.
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