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saffronne Jun 25
I don’t want to be in love with you anymore.
I don’t want to need you in my life.
All I can think about is how much I ******* hate you
for making me hate myself,
because I can't stop loving you.
sorry for swearing...
saffronne Jun 21
love... actually isn't that hard to understand.
love is a person who asks if you've had enough water today.
it's someone who's favourite saying is "be safe".
a stranger telling you that you look really nice.

love... is something so sweet,
that even syrup sometimes struggles to swallow it.
love comes in so many beautiful forms.
  Jun 21 saffronne
Mitch Prax
loving you did hurt,
but I didn't know it would
cost me my own heart

11:06 PM
saffronne Jun 21
dusk makes me think of you.
and, it's not that i'm lonely...
i just want you to kiss me.

now music's blasting in my room
i can't hear it over the look in your eyes,
the way you grab my face, it makes me feel amazing,
please, will you kiss me once this evening?
or, could you kiss me while slow dancing?
i was trying to write a song but couldn't find a melody... anyway here's a "poem" because i want to spend nights like this with a certain someone...
saffronne Jun 12
a butterfly;
look but don’t touch.
a moth;
look but don’t touch.

now tell me, you had to touch either,
knowing no matter which one you chose,
it would still be killed,
tell me,
why did you choose the moth?
pretty creatures get to live,
it’s a hard time to be a moth.
saffronne May 29
you push me around because I let you,
and I guess that is my fault...
but why do you keep pushing me?
just because I let you? just because you can?
I guess I forgive to easy...
  May 28 saffronne
I can’t help but remember the night where everything ended.

The make up running down your face.
The clocking stating that it’s 2 AM.

The door of my cheap apartment room closing as I watched you left.

It’s 2 years later and I’m still in the same apartment room.
Instead of me remembering,
I drink and I forget.

But I slowly begin to realize.
That everything...
S t a r t s

To go




And I can’t seem to put the pieces back together.
I wake up and it’s all bleak.
It hits me like shattered glass.
It comes in fragments.

But I’m okay with this.

Because I remember the night it all ended.

Your makeup running down your face.
The clock stating that it’s 2 AM.

You leaving my cheap apartment.
And me staying there.
Just to stay.
And think.
And believe.
And hope.
That someday.
You would finally come home.
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