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sunflowers on mute
i only see you right now
i think you are cute.
it’s not great but i needed to say it one way or another.
love really is my favourite game,
but i always lose up against you.
i have such a warm family,
such a warm heart,
such a warm jumper,
such a warm bed,
but this house is just so cold right now.
home doesn’t feel like home right now...
i’m struggling a bit with feeling at home in my own home.
i don’t feel happy here, but that’s my problem to figure out.
I don’t know
if I’m in love with you
or the idea of loving you.
It’s unclear..
I mean I used to feel so sure,
but I might just be immature.
I’ve been
stuck on you
for so long,
that it’s hard
to tell myself
I may be wrong.
she’s unavoidably scary,
her name is time.
she doesn’t wait for anyone,
which i guess is fine.
the only thing that stops her in her tracks
is the realism that there is no tracks.
so she won’t remember your name,
because, in reality, we’re all the same.

i’m not even sure..
is it okay to still hurt this bad?
because years and years later,
i’m still missing you, dad.
4 years ago, today..
saffronne Feb 8
The beginning
is far too close
to the end.
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