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Sweet Despair Feb 2016
I am not sure of my emotions.
They are running rampage in my head,
and my chest feels constricted,
as if it is about to burst at any given second.
I am not sure if I am sad, angry, or maybe depressed.
I am mostly unsure as to why I am feeling such conflicted emotions.
Am I sad because if we cross paths ever again
that there will not be hugs be given, or tears shed?
Am I angry at what I see on how you are living your life?
Can I even describe it in a single word?
Am I depressed because I see you are completely lost
and I can't do a single thing?
Lord knows I've tried.
I am confused.
Why do you hurt me in this way?
But you do not know how much this hurts me.
So how could I blame you?
But how I can not blame myself for not thinking?
If I were to have just spoke up.
I knew.
I knew all along.
We were always in the wrong,
But we never did anything about it.
I never did.
You did not want to.
I want to hate you.
After seeing the way you speak,
It makes me physically sick,
I have never seen so much disrespect and filth infiltrate your blood,
and now it lives in your veins.
I never thought I could despise you, or rather your current personality.
You are not the same person that you used to be.
Or maybe I was just too blind to see you for who you really were.
I regret ever inviting you into my life.
Sweet Despair Dec 2015
His laughter, his smiles,
The sound of his voice,
All make my chest ache with a sweet pain.
He's someone I can't live without.
He loves with a passion and devotion
That takes my breath away.
I can't be jealous.
He isn't mine.
But oh, how i wish he was.
Happy new years eve eve yall! x
Sweet Despair Dec 2015
My wife looks beautiful tonight
Go outside and look at the sky and appreciate the beauty of the moon.
Sweet Despair Dec 2015
Don't forget that I loved you
Sweet Despair Dec 2015
After everything has been said and done
Believe when I say the feelings aren't gone
Clinging away from what we had still brings the same pain
****** memories of us will stay and I'm the one to blame.

Estranged is a really deep and tragic word
Far from the days when I'm the one you adored
Gone are what we wanted to be months ago
How could you be so far away? You're so high yet I'm so low.

I never imagined us this way
Just give me a chance and tell me you'll stay
Kiss me again until it feels right
Love me and hold me and don't say goodnight.

My brokenness is slowly killing me
Night time and daytime I cry while you sleep
Over and over it feels just the same
Perhaps what I'm feeling can never be tamed.

Questions unanswered and feelings unsaid
Reality sinks in and bothers my head
Suddenly I thought maybe you're not worthwhile
Though it may hurt right now, I'll just give it some time.

Unlove you and take back the word that I bid
Vows that we made, mistakes that we did
Were all the right things that now feels so wrong
X lover, someone I used to know for so long.

You're gone and you left me with all the price to pay
Zoneless memories of us shall fade away.
I should be reviewing cs i have a quiz tmrw
Sweet Despair Nov 2015
Love is a fragile emotion,
And I am a fragile person
Im trying...
Sweet Despair Aug 2015
I met someone who I thought to be honest
I met someone who I thought to be kind
I met someone who I thought I could be with
I met someone who tricked me the whole time

I can't handle the lies
I can't handle the games
I can't handle your disguise
I can't handle you

I shouldn't have to put myself through that
I shouldn't be cheated on
I shouldn't be lied to
I shouldn't have wasted my time
heyyy this is the second part i think or a new poem maybe? lol i dont have title AGAIN!  LOL its just bc i want the readers to put themselves on my works, feel it as if theyre the one who wrote it and its up to them what title suits my work x
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