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Sweaterweather Jun 2014
I love how it feels when you hold me in your arms.
I feel valuable.
Like you could pick any other girl you wanted, but you picked me.
I'm nothing special, just a freshman.
Just a freshman in the arms of her senior.
You get jealous,
You show me you care without even knowing it.
That makes me feel valued.
You make me feel like I'm something worth holding on to.
When you hold onto me,
And I can see the tired comfort in your face,
And I smell the smooth scent of cigarettes and skate oil,
I feel my cold core start to warm.
Your heartbeat is steady,
Like a watch enveloped in cotton.
Your eyes look into mine
Beautiful, beautiful blue eyes.
I don't even notice you're kissing me softly
I'm too focused on those beautiful eyes.
Suddenly it hits me
A slow wave of tingles
That was the first kiss
And now its over.
Oh, one more, please I beg
I can't ignore how pleasant I feel
Knowing that man I care so deeply for
Has just kissed me, like it was the simplest thing.
Sweaterweather Jun 2014
Big, Bulging drops of blood
Such pretty scarlet red
And big, bulging drops of bloods
Rolling off the bed

These violent delights have violent ends
No truer words ever spoken
She lived a violent life
And it's a violent vow that's broken

The delight she found was just in this
Blood that of which would fall
It fascinated her so
But why, she could not recall

It's hard to face the truth in the end
But when the smoke has cleared
And the battle's all but won
Your soul will feel it is sheared

"Just let go" It whispers
You long to heed it
But there'll be people left
And they would never concede it

So she lets them down
They'll forgive her someday
Today is her last worry
There's no use in trying to stay

All this time, the answer was there
Waiting, whispering, bringing itself to view
Now its moment's come
She'll commit the ultimate taboo

A tiny blade
For her tiny heart
Down pours the red
Staining her hand like a work of art

Now big, bulging drops of blood
Have become her downfall
Those big, bulging drops of blood
And the scent of menthol
Sweaterweather Jun 2014
There was a little bird that flew away

She flew so far to find somewhere to stay

Nowhere was she wanted and though it sounds quite cliché,

That little bird grew sadder every day.

Nobody needed her, no not at all

They pushed her towards a cliff and they watched her fall

But little did they know that to their appall

That bird could fly, she'd walk or even crawl.

She had such a spirit that clung to her side

She had plenty secrets for her to hide

She had sweet emotion and bitter pain inside

But most of all, she hadn't any pride.

Though she took her tiny strength and she kept going

She would never give up nor ever quit growing

So she flew on without even knowing

Where she would end up, she just flew on, singing and crowing.

This is the story, of the of the unwanted bird

That flew far away, and thus went unheard.

Though she never gave up, she pushed on for ever

Now she roams all alone, on her isolated endeavor.
Sweaterweather Jun 2014
I wish bags could pack themselves, and ship off to hell without me.

When I'm alone I want coolness, peace and isolation.

I want to wake up in the dark of the morning sun and relish the thick air all day long.

I wish stomach aches and migraines and stubbed toes were a thing of the past.

When someone deserves to die I wish they'd just disappear.

I want to find myself sinking to sleep on saturday night and waking up in a dark monday morning.

I wish love was a real part of everyone's soul, but it appears fate picks it's favorites.

When I feel the urge for paradise in the center of the pacific, I want to close my eyes and find myself there, sipping a Mai Tai.

I want to feel the smooth scarlet pool dripping down my flush pale cheeks.

And in the end....

I wish I had everything I wanted when I needed it most.
Sweaterweather Apr 2014
My little sister
You used to be my twin.
Where I went you came too
Though we did fight now and then.

Now things are different,
We just can't get along.
You hurt me so bad
Make me feel I don't belong.

One little tear falls
It's only just for you.
I hope it's what you wanted
Now that I am so blue

You say that I am vain
That I take all of your attention.
Have the spotlight, I don't want it
But theres one thing I should mention

While you're up on your high horse
Telling me that I am no good,
Do remember you don't know me
Or the things I have withstood.
Sweaterweather Mar 2014
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Burning hot metal and marks when I'm bitten
Black skies all day even in the spring,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels,
Peace from the neighbors and schnitzel with noodles
Flies on the wall, an arrow on their wings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Girls in tight dresses and quick **** flashes,
Ash from the sky in your eyes and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs,
These are a few of my favorite things.

When I start fights,
When my ears ring,
When I'm feeling mad,
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad!
Sweaterweather Feb 2014

You drive me crazy. I think about you every night, when I'm alone and need someone's company.

No one else has this affect on me, it's like you're the puppet master

                        And I'm on strings.

I see you smile. It's all so very innocent, but it sends my heart beating. A mile a minute, right out of my chest.

Oh baby, you've got a hold on me. You. And only you.

I want your body like I need your love. Today, right now, right here on the floor I don't care as long as it's you. God, just as long as it's you.

I've never known a lover like you, you draw my interest so differently. I breath heavy when you touch my skin, shivers down my spine and weakness in the knees. When you say you want me too I nearly pass out from the reaction. I just can't take it.
                              I need you.
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