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You are my truth
The only truth I've ever known,
And I cannot live without you
You are my very soul
You can never let me down
You are amazing
I've always believed in you...
My entire existence, all through time, I've believed;
And I will until the end of time and then beyond
To me, there is only you
Nothing else exists
And you are mine as I am yours
Always and Forever
I love hearing you laugh hard, it makes me happy
I love watching you drive, it makes me feel protected
I love driving with you, it makes me feel infinite
I love when you tickle me, it makes me think you like my smile
I love when you wake me up with a call, its the only thing that gets me up
I love when you let me cry on you, I can't do that with anyone else
I love you, and I'm in love with you.
 Oct 2014 Sofia Virensjö
The party's over.
My makeup left fading, the remembrance of something beautiful.
My black dress is on the floor, replaced by your warm arms.
I shared a bed with you, a surface not made for two.
Snuggled under the same blanket.
A single pillow for our heads.
I felt your warmth through the night.
A strong presence at my back.
Your nose crowning into my hair.
We slept pressed together, our body twining with one another.
I slept with you last night.

The party may be over, but I'm still here with you in a bed not made for two.

— The End —