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s v e n Mar 12
Eye gives out a blood red.
Everything fades away.

Try to maintain a blank face
Mind is out of place.

Now missing some marvels
And can't seem to find them.

Trip and fall down a empty hall
Where the pieces are.

Try to grab them all
But once more,
Trip and fall through an open door.

Hoping to catch my breath,
Breathing in and coughing out.

Air is toxic with smoke
That buries thoughts
And cancels out the same

Losing steps and gaining nothing
Vision still varies shades of red
Trying to keep up but lose faith
Lost in track and can't go back
Stay still so nothing leaves
But everything is quickly fading

One flash and gone

Now the black mist stays
Tell me meaning?
s v e n Jan 21
My pulse is racing
My head is turning
My voice is cracking,
My everything is failing me
My everything is breaking me
My everything is ignoring me

The words are going mute
I can't find the remote to switch them back on
Same goes for those voices in my head
That repeat the things I don't want to hear
But I can't help but listen to every word or mumble.
And now
My heart is caving in
Every little tick
Every little beat
Sings sweet melancholy
The music is playing to loud
I wish for this static sound to go away
I wish for my everything to go away.
I just wish for utter silence.
Idk maaan [why can't I write happy things] anyone have any tips to write happy things?
// btw I'm not sad or ..ehh I'm decent atm ^-^
s v e n Jan 17
My feelings still linger
Towards you.
Still attached
To this idea of a what if-
That will never come true.
I know I confessed a thousand times
I know that
These scars on my heart will stay the same.
I also know that
How you view me will stay the same.

I can't help but hold on to a what if.
//Why can't I write more happy poems.
s v e n Jan 7
Remind me to put up more walls around my heart - so they won't fall apart so easily.
Maybe I could use something stronger this time around
Or maybe
You could grant me this wish, please.
"Say that you will never take one glance upon the cracks - because you won't truly understand what you see."
But can you instead say that you will guard and protect those so call walls.
You know -
In case, I try to break down them myself.
You can help me rebuild them.

But I am sorry,
If this burdens you.
I can't help it.

But I hope in time
You will find to understand
That I'm only hiding
Because I don't want others

To see what I see,
Feel what I feel,
Know what I know.

Because if they did.
They would feel were obligated to help.

But in the end
They would learn that
It's more of a burden to help.

So they leave.

Then I'm there

Walls crumbled

Open for all
To use.

The only one that could ever hurt me

Is me, myself, and I.
Big oof, welp hope someone can semi relate?
s v e n Jan 7
"Say something cute for me.
Say that you love my terrible singing.
Maybe talk about the little shine that you see in my mud bleek eyes.
Or talk about why you even like those dark brown eyes.
Don't give me default voice and say things on command.

Just give me you and your thoughts
And I'll do the same in return."
Ooof wishing I had a person to say this too...
s v e n Dec 2018
“I can't breathe.
I'm suffocating.
I feel sad, maybe.
But I don't care, yeah I don't care.
I'm still moving with the flow,
I'll just have to get myself in check, with reality.
I need to find another way to feel sane.
Yeah, I need to find another way to feel something else but bleak.

I can't breathe.
I'm drowning with these sick thoughts.
Maybe I'm insane, I can't help it.
Oh, why do I have to feel this way.
Can't I just feel stable for once, sane for once, or anything but sad for once.

Can't  I
Just feel
Something else
For once.”
¡-; //ooof, another sad poem
- buttt guyss honestly I think my mind is playing me, why must it always make me write depressing ****-
- anyways hope you guys, like it? ~♡
s v e n Dec 2018
i want to love someone
and be loved in return.
i want to care about someone again.
i want this emptiness to go away
and to be filled with something else other than my self-love.
sometimes, you just need someone else to worry or care for you.

i just want someone to love.
And to be loved in return.
//THANKSS!! Nap dreeeeam!! for reminding me that I'm a lonely individual!
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