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s v e n Oct 11
I want all of you
And it's all true
I want you,
I just want to love you.
Give me your love
And I will cherish
All of our memories
I don't want to forget
About you.
So just give me all
Of you
And love me too.
He inspires me to write again..
s v e n Aug 31
I love you
I do
And I know that you won't be true
to me.
And I wanna be there
for you.
But I know that you couldn't care less
about me.
And I love you
I do
But now I know that it was just a dream.
A silly stupid dream.

I loved you
I did
I really really really did.
But you won't see me crying,
You won't see me begging,
You won't see me dying on the floor
for you.
Cuz I don't wanna be there
for you.
And I really couldn't care less
about you.
Random poem that means nothing to me xD
s v e n Jul 22
Your eyes are fading.
Your smile is cracking.
Your face is doubting.
Your mouth is running.
Your ears are hunting.
Your heart is just breaking

And you can't do anything
But just watch and wait for nothing.
s v e n Jun 28
Rosy cheeks,
Bright eyes, and
A careless smile.

I'm perfectly blinded
by you.

Contagious laughter,
Deep voice, and
An honest heart.

I'm perfectly infatuated
with you.
Maybe this is about them ♡~
s v e n Jun 20
Say anything.
Maybe complain or beg.
I don't mind it one bit.
Let me hear your voice.
Even the random banter.
Say anything.
s v e n Jun 20
Uneasy thoughts
Take up too much
Time from me.

Wish it away.

Uneasy memories
Make up pure nonsense
And forgetfulness.

Wish it all away.
s v e n Jun 5
I'm overthinking this again.
I can't help it though.
You make me this way.
My thoughts are only you.
Your voice,
Your grin, and
Your laugh.
All blissful memories
String together to make me
Remember your everything.
Maybe I'm not overthinking it all.
I just can't help it though.
You make me feel this way.
All my thoughts are you
And I love it.
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