Susie Nov 29

"she died two years ago today"

I say this kind of phrase
so much in my life now.

The coming and going
of my friendships,
in the living and dead sense,
are far too common
than I had previously
thought they would be...
than I had previously
hoped they would be.


Some of the people I know
For such a brief amount of time.

"Slow Down Lovely,
For I have only just gotten your name.
You've got me stuck,
putting together the pieces
of your life trying to figure out
who you were, Before you even
got a chance to be who you are."


they were mere sail boats
passing each other.

on a breezy, late,
August afternoon.

"Hey there, just passing through! Hope you have smooth sailing from here on out!"

I manage to haphazardly blurt out:
"Hey! You too!"
Before he's out of earshot.

He seems like such a kind man.
too bad he forgot his lifejacket today.

the heavens decided to open up the skies.
And **** came spewing out of the clouds.

Destroying, not all, but most,
of what it touched.
Three part free verse poem about grieving. Grieving never stops. It just happens on repeat but less frequently and less strong with time.
Susie Nov 19
Tiny toe beans
How I love you so
So smol and good
My cats feets are so sweets I'm gonna ****** die. Just thought I'd share a small short happy poem real quick
Susie Nov 11
You have power from the ancients.
You have otherworldly aspects that both
confuse and intrigue the masses.
And I know You don't see it in Yourself

but baby,
my sweet dove,
everyone else sees it too.
For my life partner.
You are Dionysus
but only in the good ways haha
Susie Oct 11
I lay down in bed with you to expect
closeness and Cuddling and the sound
of your soft and soothing voice.

But instead I find a cosmic entity that shines
an aura so bright I can't look at it directly,
and if I do I'll get vaporized by the
Pure Energy radiating from it.

I touch it anyways
because it's so worth it.
Any death by you
is a death worth experiencing.
Susie Oct 6
Death does not wait for you
to get your shoes on
and be ready to leave.

He just says:

"It's time for us to depart now,
I have plenty of other stops I need to make before we head back home."
2 year anniversary of me almost dying. Glad to be here but I'm terrified too.
Susie Oct 6
I've been struggling to publish and write any poetry lately.
Because I feel it is never good enough for anyone.
I'm never good enough for anyone
Depression is killer.
Susie Oct 6
I arrive 20 minutes early.
I wait for an hour.

"So, here's the thing. I've done all I can, we have tried all of the medications we could for you. Because of your very unique case and all of your, limitations, this is extremely tricky to treat. We can send you to a more in depth specialist. There is a waitlist and it's a four hour drive."

I am nodding. I ask every question under the sun that could help me at all.
He says I cannot do anything else besides what I am aready doing.

It's okay it's okay it's okay.
Don't cry. Cry later. I love you. You're strong. You're okay. Don't cry, don't cry.

I schedule a checkup appointment for 6 months from now. I say goodbye and have a good day.
I'm so tired so having this body that was made wrong.
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